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Ballet Workshop Wollongong

with Former International Professional Daniil Kolmin (see  bio below)

Daniil Ballet Illawarra Wollongong Classes Workshops

2pm - 3.30pm Saturday 15th June 2019

Limited places Registration essential

Daniila fis a former professional soloist ballet dancer, originally from Russia who has performed with numerous ballet companies including the Russian Imperial Ballet Moscow

Russian style is known for exquisite arm and head alignment, powerful jumps, multiple turns and fabulous extensions.

Daniil wants to share his knowledge and experience with Wollongong dancers.  
We are lucky to have such a wonderful opportunity to be coached by a professional Vaganova trained Russian dancer!  
These opportunities don't happen very often in Australia let alone Wollongong so lets welcome Daniil and show appreciation for the hard training and performance skills of Vaganova style.

Currently this is a one off but if there is demand Daniil would like to do more. 

This class is open to all dancers from 13 years of age.   It will follow the traditional class format of warm-up, barre and centre work focusing on detailed technical elements and giving tips to work with the correct muscles.

Daniil's professional open ballet classes & tips can be applied to any classical technique benefiting those who are looking to enhance their classical background.

Early-bird price $35 or $25 concession purchased before Thursday June 9th otherwise

$45 or $35 concession (full time students)

Wellness centre Wollongong Studio 1

For secure online registration please use the link below or phone 02 42263777. Limited places available

Daniil Kolmin Wollongong BalletDaniil Kolmin is a former professional soloist ballet dancer, originally from Russia who has performed with numerous ballet companies, as well as touring the world with his profession for over 10 years. He followed in his fathers footsteps and was inspired by him as he to was a professional ballet dancer.
He started dancing at the age of 10 with the Novosibirsk State Ballet School, graduating and being offered his first contract at the age of 19 with the National Opera and Ballet Theatre Novosibirsk, Russia. Daniil went on to perform with many International Ballet Companies as a soloist dancer including the Russian Imperial Ballet Moscow. Throughout Daniil's career he has toured countries such as Australia, New Zealand, China, and throughout Europe performing full length ballets, modern pieces, dance projects, advertisements as well as being a featured artist in Eurovision. He has performed alongside several world renowned ballet stars such as Svetlana Zakharova, Jozef Varga, Anna Tsygankova, Dennis Nedak & Maria Seletskaja as well as worked with many international choreographers such as Radu Poklitaru, Jelena Pankova, Gediminas Taranda & Ronald Savkovic etc

Daniil Kolmin"Having the opportunity to experience and see for myself the world of dance, as well as different ways of working has opened my mind and broadened my work ethic, understanding and appreciation of dance. I would love to share my knowledge with the younger generation of dancers & those who have an interest and passion for this art-form.”

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