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Music CD's & Downloads for Meditation

Relaxation & Hypnosis

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The Wellness Centre stocks a selection of CD's  as well as the highly recommended iAwake series to buy online reported to be helpful in Stress Management, Meditation, Relaxation & Guided visualization. Call us on 0242263777 or drop by and we can make suggestions on which CD's or Downloads will best accommodate your needs.

Guided Meditation

Meditation has been practiced for many years by many different cultures and religions. Guided meditation is when the listener follows the spoken instructions of the guide to help reach a certain state. This is ideal for beginners who are not yet adept at self meditation, which is reaching a meditative state without the aid of someone guiding you through. This does not include using sounds and/or music.

Meditation Music

These recordings can be used for your own self meditation experiences, to assist with sleep or even to use as a background track during hypnosis sessions. Included in the Mind Motivations catalogue is a large collection of different meditation music albums by many different renown authors from around the world. This variety is important because so often is the case that one type of CD or MP3 will not have the same effect on every person. This is because different people respond in different ways to the different albums.

White Noise CD's

Special brainwave entrainment audio to help you achieve deep meditation levels. The special binaural beats, white noise, nature sounds & relaxing music help make this a very easy and smooth transition between levels of consciousness for you.

Practicing regular meditation sessions with these CD's will allow you to 'train your brain' to go deeper into the Alpha, Theta & Delta levels of mind. This will allow you to find your perfect center point; the level in which everything becomes clearer, your awareness is heightened and you find the perfect balance between your physical self and higher self.

eXQisit Medical Series

Medical information & guided meditations to help you discover the best ways to manage stress, sleep better, help with depression, relaxation as well steps to attract abundance & success into your life

Nature Sounds

Nature albums are simply the sounds of the natural environment captured on to a recording. They are useful to promote relaxation, for clinical use and to enhance meditation experiences.