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Fitness & Pilates & AOK Exercise Equipment available through the Wellness Centre.

Contact us for orders and availability on 02 42674448 or via our Contact Us page here. All prices include GST details on equipment below.

Item Price
Basic Sticky Mat $25
Foam Rollers (90cm x 15cm) $49
Exercise bands (each) $12
Yoga Boulsters $67

Mediball Classic 65cm

These Australian Made balls are burst resistant to 350kgs and are extremely resiliant.
AOK commenced its Swiss ball development and testing program in 1996. The University of Newcastle was selected because of its international reputation in materials testing. Testing protocols have been developed which are considered the best in the world for inflatable PVC products.

Burst resistance means AOK Swiss balls are designed to slowly deflate if accidentally punctured. We also test for deflation under load and durability using cyclic testing. MediBall retains its shape under heavy loads, maximising the body's stabilisation process. It is ideal for seating, exercise, rehabilitationAlso improve your posture, reduce back pain and brighten up your office/classroom - they make great and colourful seats.

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Studio Pilates Mat

Higher density and thickness pilates mat
Superior mat 180 cm X 60cm X 6 mm thick and of higher-density material than 3-4 mm mats, but with the flexibility to roll and carry. Easily wiped clean. Ideal for use in pilates classes and at home.



Foam Roller - Long Round 15cm x 90cm - Blue

Supplied with stretching/exercise guide
These rollers are slightly softer than  EVA Physiorollers. A hardness of 25 +/- 3 degrees SHORE C. It is a high performance, professional roller made of the highest quality, closed cell PE foam. Available in long round (approx 90cm) only. Additionally, the roller can be used in conjunction with other exercise equipment, such as the mediBall®  to further enhance kinesthetic and proprioceptive feedback