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Elizabeth's Pilates Class Testimonials

Claire (32 Years Old)
At age 3 Claire was diagnosed with Eisenmenger's Syndrome and Pulmonary Heart Tension. This meant that she would need to wait and survive until she turned 16 to get a double lung AND heart transplant. After years of hard work and doctors’ appointments, she was given the okay to do physical activity again. One day she was driving down Flinders Street and saw the sign for the Wellness Centre Wollongong, and thought that she would give it a go.
She shortly began Pilates classes with us and grew to love them. After regularly doing Pilates for only one month Claire attended her regular lung function test. Her lung function had gone up dramatically and her doctor told her to keep doing whatever she is doing. Shortly after this Claire got her bone calcium test and found that her bone density had improved as well. She now is a regular client at the Wellness Centre Wollongong. She comes to 3-4 classes per week being Pilates Fundamental Matwork, Adults Beginner Ballet, and Core Strength/Flexibility Stretch Class.

It's Lynne here. I did a lot of classes with you until I started work in the city and stay two nights a week with my brother at Hurstville. Despite the fact that there are gyms all around me in here, I really haven't engaged with them and I've never really found a class I like as much as yours. I've had ongoing back problems and I've tried lots of things, including swimming which is something I feel does help me. But this year I am determined to get back to Pilates because it did help quite a lot and I enjoyed it. But I feel that I really need to trust the person whose doing the class because I think there are a lot of instructors who are minimally qualified and could do harm to my already 'dodgy' back, so when I decided to get back into it, you were really the only person I wanted to go back to.

"Your Pilates class is in complete accord with my intensive chiropractic program at the moment, and I find that your classes actually help me do my postural traction and exercise. I hope to improve my posture by quite a big margin, not mention the Dowager's Hump! My chiro practitioner would like your email address to say how pleased she was to hear about your incredibly careful and thorough work and the intensive training that you have done, not to mention all of the excellent information that you share with us." M.H.

Mums & Bubs "Just wanted to say that i have been coming to pilates for two terms now and just love everything about it.  Elizabeth is a breath of fresh air and i can't wait to get to class each week.  Whilst we work hard there is always time for a laugh and a chance to meet a great group of woman all experiencing motherhood together.  Only wish i had found out about it when i had my first bub". Tanya C.

Mums & Bubs " Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy coming to the Mum's and bubs Pilates on a Friday - not that my baby comes anymore!!! I really look forward to it, the mum's are lovely, Elizabeth is a very experienced and fun teacher, oh, and the stretches are great. I look forward to returning next term." Anne-Margaret

"I started Pilates 4 years ago after my daughter was born and absolutely loved it. I suffered neck shoulder & back pain as well as migraine. Since starting Pilates I no longer suffer neck shoulder pain, only occasionally back and have learnt how to relieve tension headaches by incorporating these exercises into my daily tasks, to relieve stress & create energy.
Elizabeth provides a fun relaxed setting to learn how to reawaken dormant muscles in the body and mind to control movement relieving and eradicating aches and pains" M.M.

"I always enjoy your lessons and the laughter and I have made some lovely new friends (you have no idea of the conversations that we have had at coffee afterwards.) I don't remember ever having to drag myself off to pilates-Thanks.
The library is also a great new venue with comfortable rooms, easy access and plenty of parking". R.B.

"I have been 're-converted' to Pilates through your classes. I have found Pilates a little bit 'boring' and too repetitive in the past and therefore started Iyengar. As my Iyengar teacher moved away i tried different yoga classes but nothing that stimulated me that much again - so i thought i give your class a go and i must say - i look forward to every Thursday night- no matter - hail or shine - as i feel great after each class. It is not only the exercise itself but you make the class engaging and i enjoy the newsletters every week to. ....will certainly miss this in the school holidays." S.H.

"The pilates class was great and I've been thinking about how I sit in a chair all week!
It's useful to get the reminder emails.

The massage was excellent and I feel so much better now that my pelvis is sitting straight - lower back pain and shoulder stiffness both gone. My husband will no doubt be in to see you soon". A.M.

"I have felt a massive difference to my posture in just one class. Look forward to more pilates" L.J.

"I've enjoyed my weekly pilates lessons, it's been a great chance to have a break from everyday routines and commitments and just focus on my body and breathing in a relaxed environment, if only for an hour. The exercises are sometimes challenging, and I do get concerned that I'm not doing them the right way, perhaps doing more damage than good! It takes a while to become familiar with all the titles & terms and I still need constant guidance - I have a feeling, especially after all you have said, that it will take a very long time to remember all the muscles and moves! I can't say I feel a dramatic difference, but I am generally more conscious of my posture and movements in daily life. I most definately feel great after a lesson though, a combination of being energised and relaxed at the same time. I would love to attend classes more often - I think that would make a more significant difference - but that's not possible for me at this stage.
I do think pilates has had a positive impact on my life and I would like to continue practising it as a part of a healthy, active lifestyle :-)
Thanks for your guidance and encouragement," J.Y.

"We have a 'ball' togehter while stengthening our core!" Karen & Sheree