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Chakra Balance Healing Therapy Wollongong

During Chakra Balance healing, tuned chimes which are chakra chimes with an additional two chimes to integrate universal essence and oneness and connect to Mother Earth are placed on or near your body and played in intuitive and energy combinations.

The sound, vibration and energy connect to the nerve pathways rhythm to every part of the physical body during the sound bath. The process slows down your brainwaves, dissolving and shifting energy blockages, balancing chakras and realigns both your physical and light bodies with the Universal Resonance, providing a deeply relaxing, non-invasive sound massage. Once your body is feeling balanced, it will feel happier and more confident.

Chakra Balance Healing Therapy (Energy Chimes) 60 min $135  Book Online below or phone 02 42263777 Each session includes pre-consultation and post follow-up

Online bookings available Tuesdays Other times available please phone  42263777

Gong Spa Sound Healing Next Group Class Sunday 11am  9th July 2023

Annie Teng Wollongong sound healing reiki gongAnnie " I am a Reiki Master (a member of The Australian Reiki Connection, The Association of Australian Reiki Professionals), a Gong Master, a sound practitioner, and a yoga teacher.

I help people to ease their physical discomfort, to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety, to help with balancing and relaxing their mind, to improving sleep quality and also to help them to improving self-growth consciousness and awareness with a no harm and non-invasive, natural healing method which includes the use of sound waves, vibration and energy to restore health and vitality.

I also share meditation methods that help to bring about a state of stillness. This is a very useful way for people who want to learn meditation but have previously experienced difficulty in controlling their mind to be still or in sitting silently for too long."

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