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Hawaiian Kahuna Massage Wollongong

including Hot Stone & Pregnancy Massage

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Kahuna Hawaiian Massage Wollongong Illawarra

Traditional Therapeutic Kahuna Massage helps relieve aches & pains while helping the client move their attention away from their worries & stresses into a deeply relaxed state. Kahuna Hawaiian bodywork facilitates healing both in the body and mental & emotional levels.

Chelsea, our qualified & experienced Kahuna Massage Practitioner will move around the table using flowing, rhythmic, firm massage movements with her hands, forearms and elbows. Kahuna massage traditionally uses Coconut oil however other oil options are available. Pregnancy & Hot Stone Massage is also available.

As a trained Reiki practitioner the Wellness Centre Wollongong's therapist Chelsea also offers Kahuna Sessions finishing with Reiki Healing. See options below.


  • Improving flexibility
  • free flowing energy throughout the body
  • can help improve lymphatic, immune, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems which ultimately improves health and fitness
  • great for a gentle release of pent up emotions
  • Supports overall sense of well-being
  • Helps in improving self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love
  • leaving you with a sense of peace and deep relaxation.

Online bookings available using the link below for both Kahuna Massage and Kahuna Massage  + Reiki Packages 

Kahuna Massage  1 hr $110
Kahuna  Massage 90min. $160
Kahuna Massage 2hr $195
Kahuna 1 hr + 30min Reiki $160
Kahuna 90min. + 30 min. Reiki $195
Hot Stone massage 1hr $135
Pregnancy Massage 1hr $120


Please check option to receive both text and email booking updates so you will receive confirmations and reminders. Otherwise you can book by phone on 02 42263777. 

The word 'Kahuna' derives from the word 'secret knowledge' in the Hawaiian language. Kahuna massage was practised during rites of passage during Hawaiian ceremonies in the royal temples for the king and other members of the royal family.​
The Hawaiian kahuna's believe that kahuna massage improves the posture and motion of a person while taking into account the seven principles of Huna, this allows the person to develop self awareness and experience transformational healing throughout the session.