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Wollongong Infant Baby Massage

wollongong infant baby massage coursesThe Wellness Centre offers infant massage courses “The First Touch Program” once a week for 5 weeks with no more than 6 babies; we also offer private sessions.
Touch is the first and most vital sensory experience. Research shows that our earliest experiences which can affect every aspect of our lives. Nurturing touch (or the lack of it) can impact the way we think, feel and relate to others.
Infant massage uses gentle, tactile stimulation and loving verbal communication to deepen the relationship between parents and their baby. It is a shared experience, done with the baby not to the baby.
The strokes used can be both stimulating and relaxing, depending on each baby's needs and developmental level. It is easy to learn and a pleasant method of positive interaction.
Benefits of Infant Massage include:

  • improving communication and bonding,
  • stimulating physiological development,
  • helps relieve colic and tummy discomfort,
  • promotes neurological development and sensory integration,
  • relaxes and soothes.
  • Offers shared moments together and is fun!

Next scheduled Infant Massage Courses for 2019 will be announced soon. Contact the Wellness Centre on 42263777 or our Contact Us Page Here to register your interest.

Fee $150 for 5 consecutive weeks (includes course notes & refreshments, partners welcome) Limited spaces available. Maximum of 6 babies

Kate Perini is a fully qualified and experienced naturopath, massage therapist, IAIM Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) and primary teacher with a passion for spreading the loving
science of nurturing touch and evidence based nutrition and herbal medicine to
babies-to-be, babies and their mums with the goal of supporting the creation of healthy, happy, humans. Kate is available for Pregnancy & Post Natal Naturopathic support including Remedial Pregnancy & post natal  Massage.

Book appointments & Course Online or phone the Wellness Centre Wollongong on 42263777 for more information or appointments.

Why attend a ‘FIRST TOUCH’ class?

There really is no substitute for learning to massage your baby with an IAIM Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI). The strokes and styles of massage are easier to grasp when demonstrated by an experienced instructor. Pressure, rate, rhythm, the length of the massage, respect, bonding, why baby cries, baby's body language, relaxation and parent
empowerment are some of the skills and topics you will learn.

Five Part Weekly Course

The five week general course is run over a period of five sessions usually one to one and a half hours per session (depending on the babies).  Classes are kept to a small number to allow you quality instruction time.

What to Bring?

Your ‘FIRST TOUCH’ Instructor will provide you with the certified organic, cold pressed vegetable oil we will be using for infant massage.
All you need to provide is:

  • A pillow or soft mat or blanket to lie on (change table mats can work well but not essential). We have plenty of flat cushions at the centre you can also borrow.
  • A sheet or wrap to lay your baby on if you are borrowing the centre’s cushions.
  • Extra blankets to keep your baby warm
  • Extra nappies
  • Anything else your baby may like
  • Please wear comfortable clothing

Common Questions and Answers?

What if it’s my baby’s sleep time or feeding time during the course?
You can still attend the course and your baby’s routine may change throughout the course. We have a baby-centred philosophy and recommend massage to take place during their “quiet-alert” time.
We do not recommend massaging your baby when they are tired, sleeping or crying as this can overstimulate them. We provide dolls for you to practise the strokes on if your baby is not in their “quiet- alert” time which is very common. You and your baby can choose to observe and stop participation at any point during the session.

What age can my baby join the course/ receive massage?
Generally speaking the courses are for babies 0 – 12 months old.
The best age for your baby to benefit from the course is between 3 months and 7 months when there will be plenty of opportunities for “quiet alert” time. If your baby is 9 months or older and are very mobile (i.e. crawling a lot), they may not be suitable for the course.

I am experiencing post-natal depression or anxiety. I would like to enhance my connection with my baby but am worried about not knowing what to do/doing things right.
Infant massage is a wonderful way to deepen the connection with your baby and learn about cues and positive communication. We offer a supportive and non-judgemental environment to nurture you and your baby in your new relationship. Private sessions are also available on request.

Why can’t I attend classes on a casual basis?

Each week we will focus on a different topic of baby development and learn the strokes and techniques of a different body part for infant massage. Baby in Mind Educators are specially trained in a cue- based approach to teaching infant massage and supporting parent-infant interaction. In this approach, parents are supported to explore and develop confidence in noticing and understanding their baby’s cues.

What is included in the course?

A folder with notes are included in the course.

We also provide oils for the sessions. You may purchase oils for home practise at the course or other suppliers.
Flat cushions are available to borrow during sessions.
Herbal teas are offered at the end of each session for a 15 minute group tea talk if you would like to talk to other mothers and carers.