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Wollongong Yoga Classes for Athletes & Sport

Regular yoga practice is instrumental in achieving greater strength, flexibility & peak athletic performance.

Enhance your results and reduce injuries with yoga at the Wellness Centre Wollongong.

Introductory 21 Day PEAK PERFORMANCE YOGA PASS $29 ( see details below)

Intense sports training can put a huge strain on the body. Many sports increase tension and bulk, restricting movement and increasing the risk of tears and strains. Other sports are one side dominant creating asymmetry in the body which can lead to chronic injury. A build-up of lactic acid leads to sore, stiff muscles and joints further restricting movement and increasing the potential for injury and small strains and tears.

A carefully structured yoga class can help with these issues and many top athletes have already cited that a regular yoga practice has been instrumental to improving their performance.

Our Yoga for Athletes class will enhance flexibility, agility & mobility resulting in better alignment, balance, strength & core stability.These classes are perfect no matter your sport or ability level.

Yoga develops lung capacity helping sustain steady breathing during physical activities. As well as building heat and flexibility the class is designed to be an effective restorative practice allowing the body to clear lactic acid, help heal tears and allow deep rest and healing from over strain and injuries.

Integrated within the class structure is the development of positive mental attitude, focus and  concentration leading to reduced stress and anxiety.

Ball Sports: Football, Rugby Union, Rugby League, AFL, Netball, Basketball and more
Athletes: Running, Track & Field, Swimming, Triathletes, Cyclists, Fitness enthusiasts, surfers & more


21 consecutive days of yoga classes (for new clients and those registered in competitive sports) Please Book classes via Free APP Here

Beginners Vinyasa/Hatha 6 Week Yoga Courses

Wednesday Ashtanga Yoga 5.45pm is recommended for a stronger yoga class for those wanting a challenging class with specifically designed sequencing.

Dedicated TEAM classes can also be organised. Phone 42263777 for details.

Wollongong Yoga Barre Pilates Ballet Timetable

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