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Li'Tya literally means "of the earth" and represents our connection to the essence and energy locked within this land and is inspired by restorative, clarifying and invigorating properties of Australian Native Botanicals. Li’Tya is founded on the principles and ideals of providing Wellness Spa Therapies through products and treatments built upon the environmentally sustainable herbal knowledge and healing practices from our Ancient land.

We hope you will discover the potency of the Australian earth and its ancient traditions, wisdom and philosophy through Li'Tya's unisex spa body care, therapies, celebrations and music.

Currently a selection of Li'Tya's skin, body and hair products are available at the Wellness Centre.

LiTya Wollongong Illawarra Wellness Wollongong Day Spa products skin careLi’Tya takes a ‘Tread Lightly’ respect for our mother earth in there approach to harnessing the Earth’s healing elements to provide its spa and skincare ranges.

Li'Tya's Signature treatments are available including KODO Massage and the 'Of the Earth" and "Of the Sea" Skin and Body Spa Treatments. Treatments are performed by Li'Tya trained Spa, Massage Therapists & Aestheticians.

For any queries regarding these products and treatments please call the Wellness Centre Wollongong on 02 42263777 or use our "Contact Us" page HERE.

Please find below information on examples of Li'Tya treatments


Kodo Massage Wollongong Li'TyaLi'Tya KODO Massage

KODO, which means melody, has been inspired by traditional Aboriginal healing practices, sacred understandings and energy work from the Ya-idt’midtung (Jaitmathang) peoples of Southern NSW and N.E. Victoria.

You will experience a Wulima Yulu (journey of aroma- Ya-idt’midtung) at the start in your massage treatment to allow your body and intuition to identify what native aromatic oil blend will best suit your needs – to rejuvenate, harmonise or detoxify.

This rhythmic body massage is inspired by traditional Aboriginal techniques which work to balance and re-align energy flow, enhancing mind and body wellness. A combination of pressure points and spiralling movements ground and uplift, working to relieve muscular aches and pains while leaving the body renewed and refreshed.

This information has been shared willingly with the founder of Li’tya, with the understandings that the information was to be regarded with respect and integrity.

60 mins Kodo (‘melody’)
90 mins Marta Kodo (‘big melody’)


LiTya Pregancy Marma Kodo Massage Wollongong Day SpaLi'Tya MARMA KODO Pregnancy Massage 60min.

This nurturing and rhythmic body massage is inspired by traditional Aboriginal techniques which enhances mind and body balance & wellness.

Combines aspects of the Li'Tya KODO pressure points and spiralling movements to ground, uplift and gently relieve built-up tension within the body. Our specially crafted Macadamia and Camellia oil blend is used in this treatment to nurture the mum to be.


Li'Tya Facial Wollongong Wellness Day SpaLi'Tya Mikiri Ocean Renewal Facial 60 min.

(Name origin Diyari South Australia – means ‘deep’)

Key Elements: Cleanse, Exfoliation, Purifying Mask, Pressure Point Facial, Massage, Neck and Scalp Massage, Hand or Foot Massage, Hydrating Mask, Hydration.

Drawing on powerful nutrient rich marine elements to heal and strengthen the skin. Marine Collagen, Kelp, Marine Algae and Mother of Pearl extract work to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Mother of Pearl also acts as an anti-aging element due to its high content of essential amino-acids. A specially prescribed deep cleansing mask is applied to offer superior refining and clarifying of the skin whilst you relax with your choice of Li'Tya POLAMA Hand Massage or Li'Tya JINA Foot Massage. The powerful yet serene Aboriginal inspired pressure point massage for the face and shoulders will leave you completely relaxed before a second mask is applied to hydrate and soothe the skin whilst you receive the uplifting Li'Tya PAUDI Scalp massage to complete this ritual of serenity that will leave your skin cleansed, renewed, nourished and revitalized.

Facial Day Spa Beauty WollongongLi'Tya MIRRI Ocean Renewal Facial 30 min.

(Name origin Paakantyi Western NSW – means ‘face’)

Key Elements: Cleanse, Exfoliation, Pressure Point Facial Massage, Mask, Neck
and Scalp Massage, Hand or Foot Massage, Hydration.

Integrating Australian native ingredients such as Lillypilly, Tasmanian Kelp and Macadamia, this is an ideal pick me up treatment to cleans and nourish your skin. Perfect after a long flight, late nights, or whenever skin could benefit from a boost of TLC, the Li'Tya MIRRI Facial is a particular favourite for busy clients or to combine with other treatments.


Li'Tya Mija Jina feet foot spa pedicure Wollongong Day SpaLi'Tya MIJI JINA

(Name origin Yindjibarndi NW Australia – means ‘little footprint’)

Soak away tension and treat your feet to this wonderfully relaxing and grounding treatment. Begin with a skin-softening Australian native flower foot bath soak followed by an invigorating Desert Salt exfoliation to remove rough skin. Our warming Pepperberry foot mask is then applied to hydrate and soften the skin. Complete with a decadent foot massage, this foot treatment will rejuvenate the entire body and whilst melting away tension stored in your legs and feet.


(Name origin Yindjibarndi NW Australia - means ‘footprint’)

With our Li'Tya JINA, you will receive all aspects of the Li'Tya MIJI JINA as well as detailed nail and cuticle work.
Plus colour.
45 mins JINA (‘footprint’)
60 mins MARTA JINA (‘big footprint’)


Li'Tya  LOWANNA Duration: 75 mins

(Name origin Northern Territory – means ‘beautiful’)

Key Elements: Facial, Hand and Foot Treatment.

This exceptional treatment combines three of the most popular Li’Tya treatments in wonderful unison to create a deluxe pampering experience. Included is the Li’Tya MIJI JINA foot treatment, Li’Tya MIJI POLAMA hand treatment and the Li’Tya MIRRI facial. This is a perfect combination for those in need of some serious pampering. Caring for all the zone therapy areas – hands, feet and head, it will recharge the body and enhances overall radiance.