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Wollongong Beginners Mindfulness

In-Studio  & Live Streamed Courses & Classes

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6 Week Rebalance Life Mindfulness Course in-studio  8th Aug. 2024  More information HERE

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Free Intro Mindfulness Classes

7.00 pm on Thursdays 25th July and 1st Aug.

The free session offers you a chance to taste what mindfulness is. Each session takes around one hour. The teacher will lead two simple practices that can be easily applied to your daily life: walking meditation and anchoring meditation. You will have a group discussion after each practice Book your place now

The Introducing Mindfulness Course

(next 3 week Course to be scheduled soon meanwhile please checkout the upcoming Rebalance Life Course or Register your interest by completing the form below)

This 3 week course offers a brief taste of mindfulness practices and related theory, which can help those who are new to mindfulness have a mindful pause in daily life.  It is designed by the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation collaborating with the University of Oxford. 

What will you learn

The course has four sessions. Each session has a theme that is woven into meditation practices and discussions:
Session 1: Paying attention with curiosity and care
Understanding what mindfulness is and practicing where and how we can place our attention.
Session 2: Learning new ways of being
Exploring different ways of living: thinking or just simply being. Learning how we could use them appropriately to rebalance our life.  
Session 3: Responding (not reacting) 
Recognising our unhelpful re-activities of thoughts and behaviours. Exploring how to use mindfulness practice to make a responsive choice in difficult times.

How will you learn

The Introducing Mindfulness Course is a group-based learning program. It has 3 theme-based sessions and one session of practice. Each session takes around one hour. In weeks 1, 2, and 3, teachers will introduce one theme and lead related meditation practices and discussions. In week 4, you are invited to strengthen your mindfulness skills through familiar guided practices. 

There will be some home practices between sessions. Teachers will share recordings for guided meditation practices. In the next session, you are invited to share your practice experience such as delights and difficulties. 

A course handbook is provided in the first session.

What may be the benefits

We hope you could experience some of the following benefits through the 4-week sessions and your home practices:
Improved positive emotions and quality of life
Having a stronger sense of purpose in life 
Being more self-compassionate and resilient in difficult times
Reduced uncomfortable feelings of nervousness or low moods
Less rumination and apprehension

What may be the challenges 

Although you may face some of the following challenges, it is important to believe that all difficulties both in this course and in life can be transformed into opportunities for growth. No mud, no lotus. 
You may feel strange while practising meditation. However, it is important to know that the program is a secular mindfulness course rather than any spiritual practice. 

Benefits cannot be seen immediately. It takes time for practices to reveal its potentials. That is why the course includes 4-week sessions and home practices. 

It can be challenging to stay in a group. The course is a group-based learning journey that cultivates a sense of common humanity. No one is alone to suffer. 

What happens after you complete the course?

You will be invited to give feedback (not compulsory).
In the last session, you will be given information about ways to continue your mindfulness journey.

About the Teacher:
Wei Wang comes from China. She is a mindfulness practitioner and teacher. She enjoys practising mindfulness in the early morning. She has spent 18 months receiving professional mindfulness teacher training at the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation. Wei is also a PhD student studying mindfulness and elite athlete mental health at the University of Wollongong. She is looking forward to sharing mindfulness with more people. As Thich Nhat Hanh said, “peace is every step, we shall walk hand in hand’. 

3 week Course PRICING: 

$88 for the four week program

*Concession $66 (phone registration required 02 42263777)

Full payment is required for online bookings to confirm your place. There are *Concession rates available for  FT students, Blue Card Pensioners etc.  Online registration without payment is possible however your place is not confirmed until payment is received. A compulsory Mindfulness Pre-Course Health Questionnaire will be emailed upon registration (please check both inbox and spam folders).

Upcoming 2023 course dates (for enquiries see form below)

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Bookings are essential. Please phone the Wellness Centre on 4226377

"Rebalance Life" an 6 week in-depth programme is scheduled for  8th August This program is intended for those looking for a "deeper dive" into Mindfulness (MBCT_L) to cultivate lasting and sustainable change. More details HERE 

MEDITATION/MINDFULNESS DROP-IN CLASSES will be scheduled soon via our Free APP or LIVE BOOKING PAGE. Casual or class passes securely available online. Otherwise, call the Centre on 42263777

Would you like to :

  • stay relatively calm in tense situations
  • have increased self-confidence
  • develop feelings of compassion, gratitude and love
  • improve sense of inner peace and calmness
  • increase intuition and perception
  • improve learning and retention
  • increase productivity
  • reduced mood swings

To register your interest please Contact Us below or phone 02 42263777

These classes are not religious per say but will draw on examples in all traditions including the non-traditional. They are not aligned with any wider organisation, religious or political group etc. 

Yoga, Pilates, Meditation & Mindfulness or other Wellness Centre classes are not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment.