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Mindfulness Drop-in Classes

Wellness Centre Wollongong


Take a Pause in Chaotic Life
Around 50 minutes 

Wednesdays 7.15pm Book via our Free Wellness Centre Wollongong App or the Live Schedule Booking Page HERE

Have you been overwhelmed by life? Come and take a mindful pause with Wei. 

drop in mindfulness meditation wollongong
As a PhD student and a semi-elite tennis player, Wei has lots of stressors in her life. Every early morning, she always takes a pause and practices a 30-minute meditation. This pause has profoundly affected her life. She feels satisfied and grateful for her present life even though sometimes it’s still chaotic (but this is life, ups and downs).

Each drop-in class consists of mindful movement, a mindfulness practice, and discussions. Everyone is welcome, no matter whether you have experience in mindfulness. Wei will use a simple and secular way to guide all mindfulness practices. A seated or lying practice.

Price: Studio passes including the Intro Pass for new members

About the Teacher
Wei Wang comes from China. She is a mindfulness practitioner and a qualified mindfulness teacher. She has spent 18 months receiving professional mindfulness teacher training at the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation. Wei is also a PhD student studying mindfulness and elite athlete mental health at the University of Wollongong.