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Reformer Pilates Wollongong

Small Group classes for personal interaction, feedback & guidance. Learn step by step correct technique & core Pilates principles with dedicated Beginners Classes

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* These Intro passes are not valid for Beginners Courses, Pre & Post Natal classes,  workshops/courses unless specified. Available for Illawarra residents only.

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Take advantage of our special no-obligation introductory offer for those new to the Wellness Centre Wollongong Studios.  Join any mix of classes in Yoga, Pilates Reformer, Barre Fitness, iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation over 14 consecutive days to see if the Wellness Centre Wollongong is the place for you. Experience the difference of a truly Integral Wellness Centre & Mindful Movement Studio conveniently located in central Wollongong Australia at 81 Keira Street. (map here)

Beginners Pilates Reformer Intro Deal Wollongong

Please call 42263777 for enquiries, purchase passes over the phone or book online via Live Booking Page or Wellness Centre APP

Welcome to our Wellness Centre! Our goal is to help you achieve a healthier, more confident and flexible body. Through our Wellness Pilates Reformer classes, we aim to give you a deeper connection to your mind and body, based on Joseph Pilates' original principles. Our classes are limited to 7 students for personalised feedback and guidance, focusing on core Pilates principles such as breathing, technique, mindfulness, centring flow, concentration, and precision. Rather than following a "go hard or go home" style of exercise, we prioritise technique, breathing, control inspiration and motivation. If you have Reformer experience we do recommend the Reformer Essentials classes. see details below.

Our Wellness Pilates classes are designed to help you build strength, flexibility, and balance in your body. Our experienced and certified instructors will guide you through a series of movements that are designed to challenge your body, but also encourage a sense of relaxation and mindfulness. Our classes include a range of exercises such as stretching, core strengthening, and stability exercises to help you develop a stronger, more resilient body.

Reformer Pilates Wollongong Wellness We limit our class sizes to 7 students to ensure that you receive personalised feedback and guidance. Our instructors are able to identify and correct any issues or concerns that you may have with your technique, so that you are able to master the principles of Pilates effectively.
Our Wellness Pilates classes emphasise core Pilates Principles such as breathing, technique, mindfulness, centring flow, concentration, and precision. These principles are integral to developing a deeper connection with your mind and body, and are the foundation of a successful Pilates practice.
Our Wellness Pilates classes have a range of benefits, including increased flexibility, strength, balance, and mind/body awareness. Pilates has been shown to be effective in reducing pain and tension in the body, improving posture and alignment, and promoting a sense of relaxation and calm. Our classes are suitable for all levels and abilities, and our instructors are able to modify exercises to suit your individual needs.
At our Wellness Centre, we strive to create a safe, welcoming, and inspiring environment for our students. Our Wellness Pilates classes are designed to help you achieve a healthier, more confident and flexible body, with an emphasis on Pilates principles that encourage a deeper connection to your mind and body. Join us today and experience the benefits of Wellness Pilates for yourself.

Member feedback

"Reformer Pilates at the Wellness Centre is simple and effective. The small classes allow the instructor to give each person the attention they need to suite their level of experience and fitness. The result is a great workout without strain or pain. Perfect for me." Cheryl (60 years)

 "I have been part of the wellness Centre for 11 years ... and thank goodness I have!
I hate to think where I or my body would be right now without them. I have enjoyed a variety of classes - Pilates, Barre Attack, Barre Fit and Reformer. Earlier this year after a massive painful back spasming episode which left me flat on my back for weeks - being diagnosed with scoliosis (big surprise!) - and after a great deal of treatment, my physio advised that he needed to "get me back to my exercises"
Eventually with his help. I returned to "BarreFit" and "Reformer" classes with my instructor 'Arkie' ( an absolute gem!) for that journey - and I've made it! I feel good, strong and back in control - with the endorsement of my physio that my back has continued to improve and back to 90% strength & flexibility, with the words .. 'just keep going! - everything you are doing is right'.

I know the scoliosis will continue to develop, along with my pinched and spasming muscles, but I also know that exercise will keep me strong flexible and while I continue to enjoy classes - the music, those great stretches, and many friendships - it's a definite plus, plus - also heaps of fun - I can't lose!"    Corallee

New to Pilates Reformers?

Choose from Reformer Pilates Beginners drop-in classes (descriptions below) or Private one-on-one sessions also available. See our Beginners Private Class Limited Time Offer

Some Reformer experience?  then book for Pilates Reformer Essentials

For new Members we have a limited time Trial Intro Offers for both Private & Group Classes 

Reformer Class passes can also be used for

Barre FitnessYoga iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation

Reformer Pilates Beginners

The Wellness centre highly recommends you first attend a Free Reformer Orientation Session. Find more details HERE

So you are ready to try Reformer Pilates! These low-impact sessions can result in longer, leaner muscles and improved strength, flexibility and endurance. Experience for yourself why Reformer Pilates is so popular with this entry-level class. Learn about pilates principles & the highly customisable Reformer setup including how to safely use the springs, carriage, foot-bar, straps & jump board while finishing with a workout as well. Plenty of time to ask questions. Grip Socks are required for all Reformer classes.  Grip ToeSox are  available at the Wellness Centre Live Timetable Here

Pilates Reformer Essentials

Mondays 6.00am & 7.00am, Tuesdays 6.00am & 7.00am Weds 6.30am  Weds 5.45pm Thursdays 6.00am & 7.00am

Perfect for those with at least some Reformer experience who want a safe & effective reformer class while building a strong Pilates foundation and having a challenging workout. Enjoy a fun dynamic and creative workout that will challenge your core, cardio fitness and more. Focus on learning correct form and alignment to manage the Reformer fundamentals. A class for all fitness levels and one that is easily modified for those with minor limitations.
After the class, you will be more confident and feel like you have learnt something new that you can bring back to your next class. Suitable for those moving forward from the Reformer Beginners classes, the Beginners Course those with some reformer training.

These  general fitness classes and while trained instructors can cater for minor conditions, it does not suitable for more serious injuries. If you have any injuries/medical conditions or are pregnant, please contact the Wellness Centre so that we can accommodate your needs. Grip Socks are required for all Reformer classes. Toesox are available for purchase at the Wellness Centre. Live Timetable Here

Reformer Flow (Stretch & Release)

These specifically designed reformer sequences for those suffering from reduced flexibility for any reason. Great for shortened, tight muscles from the gym, sports or recovering from injury. Fascia release helps create long term flexibility for better posture, pain free movement, injury prevention, more energy & less fatigue. These classes are therefore slower and less dynamic than cardio/fitness-oriented classes. Pilates breathing is an important component of these classes.

Benefits of attending Stretch and Release Reformer Classes at the Wellness Centre include

  • release of tension in the hips helping maintain neutral alignment in the lower back and pelvis
  • opening the upper back for improved posture
  • increased range of motion in the shoulders and hip joints
  • improved awareness of the shoulders to reduce neck tension & discomfort
  • athletes will notice a reduction in soreness/stiffness, reduction of related injuries & improved results.
  • a general relaxed feeling throughout the body

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Reformer Class Cancellation  Policy

Just a note to remind you that we are enforcing our 4hr minimum (10hr min. for 6.15am & 7.15am) Reformer Class Cancellation Policy. As you know we currently only have 7 reformer places available for each session. If we do not have enough notice, those that would like to join the class or those on a waiting list may miss out. Please let us know by phone ASAP if you need to cancel or reschedule and at least the required time before the scheduled class timeWe understand that sometimes issues happen, however we need to be fair to all clients. If not, your pass may be forfeited and/or a cancellation fee of $20 may be charged. 
Live Timetable Here

For Remedial Reformer, Privates and Small Group Classes and other enquiries please phone 42 263777 or use the Contact Form below