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Restorative Yoga Classes in Wollongong

restorative yoga classes wollongong for healing recovery and beginners

Passive healing and deep relaxation ... morning & evening classes

Restorative yoga (RY) is a healing and recuperative experience with many benefits different to regular yoga classes.  No downward dogs, headstands, demanding or difficult postures in these sessions.

Please bring your yoga mat and a towel to place over a bolster.

Why do these classes?

  • They are perfect to offset a busy, stressed lifestyle, enabling a calming, healing experience whilst restoring energy levels.
  • They greatly benefit athletes allowing muscles and tissues to heal and restore while balancing and calming nervous system.
  • Poses counteract the “fight or flight” stress response & therefore can help associated health issues
  • They bring a quietness to the mind allowing for greater awareness and clarity
  • They are great for recovery: after injury, illness, surgery or marathons etc
  • Just want to gently stretch, relax and stop worrying

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Beginners Yin/Restroative Yoga 4 week Courses  9.30am Wednesdays

Want to know more?

wollongong yin restorative yoga stress relaxation stretch recoveryIn restorative classes you will be focusing on body awareness, breathing with long slow gentle stretches. During these sessions, you will be encouraged to have your focus on the internal sensations of the body and breath whilst letting go of judgement, competition and any expectations. You are allowed to accept your body as is, without trying to force the stretches, just surrendering to whatever your body is feeling in the moment.

We use specially designed yoga props that support you in the poses and enable deeper relaxation and release that further promotes the healing potential of these classes.  
restorative yin wollongong yoga classesMindful (meditative yoga)
RY promotes and increases body and self-awareness. The average person is so busy focussing on their general duties and tasks which often result in an overstimulated mind and a poor connection to the body and underlying feelings. Restorative yoga can help open us up to new levels of self-exploration and contemplation of your inner world. Results then include greater levels of self-acceptance and the ability to realise yourself as being the non-judgemental witness to your thoughts, emotions, feelings & physical body.

Counteracts Stress

Practising restorative yoga helps us activate a much-needed relaxation response. RY poses create  nervous system messages telling us we are OK, safe to relax, trust and lead us out of the sympathetic stress response of "flight or fight"  

At the end of the class, your body feels open, lighter and refreshed. People report a deep sense of calm and a better sleep after RY. With regular practice, these benefits will gradually become noticeable in your day to day experience outside of the studio.

For those wanting slightly more stretching, we suggest Yin Yoga classes

These benefits listed here are not the sole domain of restorative yoga, however, they go hand in hand with this type of practice especially in the hands of an experienced yoga teacher.

Yin and Restorative Timetable

  • Wednesdays 9.30am (Restorative)
  • Fridays at 5.45pm (Yin)


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