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meditation mindfulness wollongong classes Meditation & Mindfulness  Classes in Wollongong

Mondays & Wednesdays 7.00pm to 8.00pm

All classes include guided relaxation and seated meditation to leave you calm & relaxed.

Meditation and mindfulness are scientifically PROVEN to change the structure and functioning of the brain. The brain is plastic.   Much like we can change the shape of our bodies through workout and stretching we can also change the brain - both the nerve pathways and the grey matter. 

This means that YOU can affect your thinking patterns to create the life you want and to be no longer held captive by negative, untrue and outdated thoughts that can lead to anxiety and depression.  

Our class give you the time to practice the the skill of becoming aware of YOUR thinking and emotional patterning and giving you the steps to bring about positive CHANGE.  

Dwelling on the past and worrying about the future are recipes for stress and anxiety.

It is through mindfulness that we can experience greater awareness, leading to wisdom and the opening of the heart from where compassion and loving-kindness appear.

And even if your life is just GREAT meditation can make it BETTER.  It helps you think more clearly, increases memory retention and helps you step back from unruly emotions making you calmer and less reactive.  It can help you sleep better too.

It's just overall pretty amazing.  Experience meditation for yourself.  Find some peace in our frantic world! Rediscover how to hold on to your sanity and re-connect to your calm, creative self.

Do I have to be a follow a religion to do mindfulness meditation?

No. Meditation has no religious beliefs – it is open to everyone.  Use a chair or use our comfy bolsters.

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Meditation cushions (zafu, zabuton) are available for purchase at the Wellness Centre. Find yoga & meditation props HERE

Why meditate and practice mindfulness?

When you understand and experience the profound proven benefits .. why on earth not?

Would you like to:

  • stay relatively calm in stressful situations
  • have increased self-confidence
  • develop feelings of compassion, gratitude and love
  • improved sense of inner peace and calmness
  • increased intuition and perception
  • improved learning and retention
  • increased productivity
  • reduced irritability and mood swings
  • increased creativity
  • lower levels of stress and anxiety

These classes are not religious but will draw on examples in all traditions including the non-traditional. They are not aligned with any wider organization, religious group etc.
We have some great informative Videos and articles on meditation & mindfulness HERE

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