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Current Workshops & Events

Mindfulness For Life 

In-studio 8 week Program begins  Thursday 5th october


Stepping out of automatic pilot and bringing awareness to daily activities that maybe overlooked.
Paying attention to the breath or another anchor that feels steady and grounded. 
De-centering personal experience and clearly noticing body sensations, thoughts, emotions, and impulses. 
Responding to suffering with compassion rather than reacting in unhelpful thinking and behavioural patterns Learn More Here. 

iRest Fundaments Course

iRest Wollongong Meditation Yoga Nidra Course classesOver the 4 weeks of this Introductory Beginners Course, we will deeply explore the different stages of the iRest process, in a safe and supportive environment. Each week a different concept will be explained and practised, and you will receive course materials and worksheets to help deepen your connection with iRest, and with your experiences along this 4 week journey of meditation, relaxation, and self-inquiry.

The courses may be  facilitated by Elizabeth and/or Kachina, trained & qualified iRest Teachers, who are passionate about helping others experience the transformational and healing benefits meditation, mindfulness & more. More Information HERE

Full Moon Womens Circle

Recharge, reset and re-centre. Feel the transformational power of sistership as we support each other and connect with our inner wisdom in a safe and welcoming space. Meet like-minded individuals, form powerful friendships, and become a part of our growing conscious community.  More details HERE