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Full Moon Magic

7.00pm Saturday 24th February

Full Moon Magic Wollongong Workshop meditation breathwork mantraThis Full Moon in Virgo workshop is designed to deeply enrich your physical body, mind and energy field during a very potent time. Guided breath-work, meditation and movement will enhance this practice allowing you to be fully immersed and aligned with the power to transform, manifest, inspire & further enquire. Join Elizabeth & Kachina in a guided breath work practice will bring your body to a deeply relaxed state of being, whilst restorative yoga will support the body's energetic flow. A Sanskrit mantra will bring a greater sense of peace and wellbeing before we dive into meditation, a time for reflection, self enquiry, gratitude and setting new Sankalpas (heartfelt intentions).  More details and registration HERE

iRest Fundaments Course

Next course starting Monday 8th April. 2024

Over the 6 weeks of this Introductory Beginners Course, we will deeply explore the different stages of the iRest process, in a safe and supportive environment. Each week a different concept will be explained and practised, and you will receive course materials and worksheets to help deepen your connection with iRest, and with your experiences along this 6 week journey of meditation, relaxation, and self-inquiry.

The courses may be  facilitated by Elizabeth and/or Kachina, trained & qualified iRest Teachers, who are passionate about helping others experience the transformational and healing benefits meditation, mindfulness & more. More Information HERE

IRest® Meditation Drop-in Classes

Each class is around 60 minutes made up of a brief mindfulness movement gentle, slow stretching session then 35-40 minutes of guided practice including some time for settling in and coming out of the practice session. Make your self comfortable on the yoga mat, bolster, blanket & pillow provided then enjoy. Simply relax and be comfortable with your mat, bolster, pillow and blanket. While listening to your certified iRest®teacher, embrace a sense of completeness as you allow yourself to feel restored and rejuvenated in the present moment. Sundays 9.00am More details and Registration HERE