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Lymphatic Drainage Remedial Massage Therapy Wollongong

wollongong lymphatic drainage massage fluid retentionLymphatic Drainage Remedial Massage therapy is a rhythmical and gentle massage therapy treatment performed by a specially trained therapist to encourage the flow of lymphatic fluid throughout the body and reduce swelling (lymphoedema). These treatments can aid in improving the removal of toxins and wastes from a sluggish system. Lymphatic massage can also help in both the prevention &  reduction of swelling after surgery or injury. Massage comprises of relaxing gentle strokes & pumps on the soft tissue with some deeper work over or around the lymph nodes.

Ongoing treatment plans will be suggested on a case by case basis in conjunction with your health care provider.

Health Fund rebates may apply

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Benefits include:

lymphatic system massage wollonghong illawarraHelps to reduce inflammation & swelling, aiding in recovery
Specific massage and manual techniques encourage the flow of lymph, drain congestion at lymphatic sites and improve circulation. This treatment is commonly used in health conditions including post-surgery to reduce swelling (oedema) & speed recovery.
Lymphatic Massage is gentle, relaxing and also aids immune system function. It is particularly beneficial for those recovering from may conditions including respiratory infections, chronic fatigue,  inactivity or recuperation from long illness or surgery; and ongoing rehabilitation.
It is effective as part of a detox health plan which may include dietary changes and supporting stop smoking/alcohol treatments

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is not recommended for oedema resulting of kidney failure, liver disease, heart failure, local infections, blood clotting and DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) or those under active chemotherapy for cancer unless prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner.

LDM is also not appropriate for current acute infections (viral or bacterial) or inflammation/swelling due to an allergic reactions.


Initial Consultation & Lymphatic Drainage Massage 1hr  $130

45 min.  Lymphatic Drainage Massage  $110

60 min. Lymphatic Drainage Massage  $130

90 min. Lymphatic Drainage Massage $195

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