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Benefits of Meditation for the Workplace

Meditation at work has been proven to lower stress levels as well as increase productivity and harmony in the work force.
Meditation classes are increasingly being welcomed by the corporate world. Companies like the Wellness Centre Wollongong specialize in delivering meditation at work either in-house or at a nearby Studio in work hours. Research has shown that with short periods of meditation each day, staff & management can be much more productive and promote much safer workplaces.

Workplace leaders who perform at high levels of effectiveness and productivity are under constant pressure from themselves or higher management to improve performance. They push to optimize their judgment, decision-making, planning, creativity, health & fitness levels to even higher levels. Meditation has been shown not only to improve in all these areas but also to reduce physical, emotional & mental stress levels associated with performing at optimal levels.

Meditation is now practiced in the boardrooms and meeting rooms of leading companies around the world including Google, Yahoo!, Apple Computers, IBM, Deutsche Bank, General Motors, Ford Motors, Volvo,Toyota, and many more.
The Wellness Centre Wollongong conducts classes focusing on a non-spiritual or non-religious approach to meditation in an effort to lower stress levels and boost.

On-site Meditation training can be preferred by some companies for management . Group sessions are much more common and are generally accepted well by staff.

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