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Current Workshops & Events

Gong Spa Sound Healing ... Sundays 11am

How would you feel if you could lie down surrounded by soothing sound and vibration? Let your body, mind and soul resonate with sacred ancient healing instruments.

Gong Spa Healing is a healing session using numerous sound healing techniques. The practitioner will use different size and type of gongs together with other healing instruments such as Tibetan Singing Bowls, tuning chimes, rain stick, Shamanic drum,… Read more and register HERE

Full Moon Women’s Circle Workshop

Recharge, reset and re-centre. Feel the transformational power of sistership as we support each other and connect with our inner wisdom in a safe and welcoming space. Meet like-minded individuals, form powerful friendships, and become a part of our growing conscious community. Embrace divine feminine energy as we gather in circle during the Full Moon  More details HERE

New Moon Women’s Circle Workshop

A women’s circle gathering is a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, form strong friendships, and become part of a supportive sistership community.
The gathering begins with some guided meditation and Pranayama (breathwork), before a gentle yoga flow to help you become more grounded and centred.
During this meditation, there is the opportunity to receive a distant Reiki energy healing. We then gather together in circle to share our thoughts, ideas and experiences during the New moon. More details HERE

Men's Group Wollongong IllawarraWollongong Men's Group

Good men regularly face these kinds of challenges alone. This group provides an opportunity to speak about your experiences, be heard, and benefit from other’s experiences.
A men’s group for real guys pursuing personal growth.
The group is designed to provide support and meet challenges as they arise.Here is an opportunity to share your own experience, and hear from others experiences as well.  More information HERE

Meridian Medicine Workshop (next workshop coming soon)

You are invited to come and join Renee in an experiential day workshop full of Earth centred practises, ceremony, meditation and self care practises to invoke and embody the holistic medicine that Spring has to offer. 10am - 4pm Sunday TBA
Do you want to free up and enlighten your energy after a long and deep Winter?
Are you intrigued to learn about holistic health, your Meridian System and how it is all intertwined?
In this one day workshop, Renee will share with you metaphysical principles and the eastern philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to explore holistic health and healing through the influence of nature and our meridian system (energy channels). Find out more HERE