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Mums & Bubs Post Natal Pilates, Barre & Yoga 

Following 2023 courses begin 2nd May then 6th June. Date forward enrolments available. Please call the Wellness Centre  422663777

The morning sickness, achy lower back, and fatigue of pregnancy have passed. But for new mums, a whole new set of physical conditions often accompanies the bliss of loving your new baby.  Yoga can help address the most common concerns such as weakened abs and pelvic floor, achy shoulders and neck and can help keep you moving freely and strongly.  

This 5 week Course teaches "Must do" exercises recommended by physiotherapists and other health professionals helping in regaining your pre-pregnancy posture, shape & tone. Join other mums & bubs in a staged & progressed specific pilates & yoga workout for the post natal mums up to 6mths after birth. You will learn how to recommence exercise safely to improve core stability and postural control.

These dedicated Small group class formats give you a chance to spend some quality time with your baby in the company of other mothers!

There are many demands required of you as a new mother.  Joining our mums yoga class is a great way to connect with yourself and other mums and have time to relax and refresh your energy levels.  Suitable for beginners as well, our mums yoga/pilates/barre class will incorporate gentle but challenging targeted to reestablishing good pelvic floor and ab tone, gentle yoga stretching for releasing tension while allowing time for some restful meditation. 

 You do not need any experience and you definitely do not need a quiet baby!  

When is it safe to start?

After you have had you 6 week check up at the doctors and all is well.

Cesarian Birth?
Ask your doctor at your 6 week check up if its is safe to join a yoga class and once you are cleared for action your instructor will introduce the postpartum poses gradually and in the correct order.  The good news is that yoga poses can help prevent internal  scars from forming and this will make your eventual recovery more complete.  Remember to go gently though.

How to practise.

Always listen to your body.  Pay attention to posture. Lift carefully and with straight spine and bent knees.  Remember to rest when you need to and ask you instructor if anything feels uncomfortable.

Mats & exercise bands will be supplied.

Fee: $125 for the 5 consecutive Tuesdays for $125. Casual drop in classes may be booked at $28 depending on a availability (which will show as an option on Registration)

Any questions please phone the Wellness Centre on 42263777

Following 2023 courses begin 2nd May then 6th June. Date forward enrolments available. Please call the Wellness Centre  422663777

Class registration is required. You can book online  or via our Free App under Courses/Workshops or Phone 42263777

If this is your first class at the Wellness Centre we need  Pre-Exercise Forms filled out so please arrive at least 10 minutes prior. Otherwise you can download Forms HERE


Elizabeth Jarvis is an experienced Accredited Pilates Practitioner, Barre & Yoga  teacher trained in Pre & Post Natal Pilates and Yoga. She has been teaching these classes for over 20 years.

At the Wellness Centre Wollongong, we care for women at every stage of life, and understand that mums and mums-to-be are vital to society, and sometimes struggle to get a little “me” time.
We have many classes and services to help you meet your health and fitness goals at this special time of your life.

Other classes and services the Wellness Centre Wollongong include:

Pre-Natal Yoga Pregnancy Massage
Private sessions Organic Make-up
Small Groups Post Natal Massage

Classes are suitable for all fitness levels, as our experienced instructors provide alternatives and options to suit women with bumps, babies, and beyond.

*Babies  up to 6mth are welcome to attend this class. Whilst we endeavour to provide a safe environment for your children, the Wellness Centre takes no responsibility for any injury that may occur while visiting, or as a result of visiting the Wellness Centre Wollongong or it's other venues.
**While our classes are tailored to the needs of the individual, please seek the advice of a health professional before undertaking a new exercise program. Pre and post natal women should also seek the advice of their doctor or midwife before beginning exercise.

** Class booking conditions apply

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