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Pre Natal Pregnancy Yoga Classes in Wollongong

Wollongong Yoga Pregnancy Prenatal classes safeWe have 7 pre-natal suitable classes a week

We teach you:

  •  the best exercises for you and the baby
  • breathing techniques for minimising stress & fatigue throughout pregnancy &  delivery
  •  safe exercises & stretches
  •  to prepare for birthing physically, emotionally and socially
  • to be healthier and manage your weight gain

Post Natal Mums Bubs Pilates/Yoga term begins Feb 2020 More info

Wollongong Yoga Barre Pilates Ballet Timetable


Offers valid until 1st Sept. 2020

Special Offer 1 One off Casual Pass for $10 for either a Prenatal Yoga/Pilates or a Mums Barre class. Apply promotion code INTRO42 at checkout.


Special Offer 2 - 15% Discount - Buy a 10 class pass online for only $140 (normally $180) Apply promotion code MUMS#1 at checkout.

Only one Intro per member.

All passes are for new members only, must be securely purchased & booked online via the Wellness Centre Wollongong App. HERE, or the website.  Cancellation conditions apply.


Krystal B 05/07/19  ... "I had a 3 day labour with my first baby and i can hands down definitely say I wouldn't have been able to do it if it wasn't for Elizabeth and her lovely team at the wellness centre. They taught me how to breathe during labour and it definitely helped me get through :) I highly recommend their prenatal yoga class especially for first time mums or if you just need some much needed "you time" with your other pregnancies. Also their pregnancy massage will make you leave feeling like you're floating on a cloud. The massage room is super cozy and homely, you'll never want to leave!"

Lisa B says "Thanks for all your assistance with the pre natal classes. I believe they truly helped my symptom free pregnancy and easy child birth. .... she just slid out.... I laboured standing, focusing on my breathing for 2 hours, pushed for 30 minutes and Aria Rose was born. All up a quick and drug free birth".  Baby Aria born 18 April 2018

Join a supportive community of other pregnant women at the Wellness Centre Studio’s. No yoga experience necessary.

Breathe, re-energise and relax! Specialised pre-natal Yoga/pilates classes provide a wealth of information on visualisation, vocalisation, breathing techniques and helpful hints to prepare you for the magnificent journey of birthing and motherhood. The classes prepare you mentally, physically and emotionally for a more stress free experience. You will gain confidence, learn how to tap into your natural abilities and develop bonding with your unborn baby.

Our Teacher

Elizabeth Jarvis is an experienced Accredited Pilates Practitioner & Yoga  teacher with specialised training in Pre & Post Natal Pilates, Yoga & exercise. She is highly experienced having been teaching prenatal for over 20 years.  She has welcomed many babies into the world through her classes. 

She is a Member of Fitness Australia, Yoga Alliance Australia & Allied Healthcare Practitioner (ATMS).

Regular pre-natal exercise will help

  • Build strength & endurance and  increase flexibility to prepare for labour
  • to connect your breath to help you relax during pregnancy & labour
  • decrease lower back pain
  • prevent stress incontinence
  • prevent tears & lacerations (increase blood supply & tone the birth canal)
  • reduce the likelihood of long term complications (prolapse)
  • promote a quicker & easier birth

wollongong pregnancy pre natal yoga pilates classesIf you can't attend the dedicated Pre-Natal classes you may wish to consider booking a private lesson to learn appropriate modifications before attending other classes. For more information and queries, phone Elizabeth at the Centre on 42263777.

Private or small group sessions are also available

Avoid high impact classes, jarring, elevated heart rate and overheating as all can be dangerous in early pregnancy. Even certain yoga postures can be are unsafe during pregnancy. When doing classes with professional qualified teachers at the Wellness Centre you can feel confident you are on the right track.

Wellness Centre Classes Suitable for Pregnancy*

*  Always check with your health care professional before starting a new exercise program. A brief free consultation with Elizabeth is required for all new pregnant students.

Also Barre Fitness and Barre Attack classes may be suitable if you already are used to regular exercise. Phone us on 42263777 for more information and other upcoming class times.

Wollongong Yoga Barre Pilates Ballet Timetable

Daisy Lola (27.08.2018)

Devina B ... "Hi Elizabeth. Won’t make yoga tonight. Had baby yesterday, 2 weeks early via Emergancy c section because of blood pressure and some growth issues. Thank you so much for the amazing classes and giving me a calm place and positive atmosphere to keep my blood pressure down and give strength to me and my baby as long as I did this time around (4 weeks further than we got last time and 1 whole kg heavier!) we can’t thank you enough."

Wollongong Yoga Post Natal Mums BubsMatilda & Amy met at Pre-natal Yoga/pilates classes at the Wellness Centre in October 2015.

"We got to know each other in the classes & started catching up once we had our babies (Indi & Mia on the left) in April this year. We meet regularly now with our babies and also enjoy catching up in classes at the Wellness  Centre without our babies as well" Matilda & Amy

New Study finds Yoga Helps Alleviate Depression Symptoms in Pregnancy as well as Improving the Baby’s Wellbeing

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