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Barre Pilates Fitness Classes

No dance experience necessary Open to all levels & beginner friendly

Wollongong's premier and original Barre Studio. Our experienced qualified, professional dancers are all Barre Attack certified teachers. Join the  Barre classes from our spacious air-conditioned studio with sprung timber floors and fixed ballet barres. Many  classes a week to choose from.

Intro 3 Class pass  $30

Learn how to do each barre exercise correctly with the right form and technique. While gradually building up your fitness and stamina.

Corporate and Private Group Classes available Contact Us

About Barre Attack

A dynamic fusion of Pilates, Bal­let and Fit­ness, it’s a fun, all body work­out using clas­sic Bal­let Barre exercises that attack those dreaded prob­lem areas — legs, butt, thighs and arms – making them firm, toned and strong. Not only is Barre Attack fun, you can expect to burn up to 500 calories per class!

At Wellness Centre Wollongong, classes are multi-levelled and designed to challenge bodies of any age, fitness level or gender. Prior dance or pilates experience is not needed to enjoy the benefits of Barre Attack. You’ll feel stronger, more flexible and coordinated, and more like a dancer with every class!

The exercises can be modified for beginners, pregnant women and clients with injuries. They can also be progressed for experienced those who are looking for a greater challenge. These workouts strengthen, lengthen and stretch the body from top to toe helping develop a long and lean physique without bulk.

Renee Scott, the creator of Barre Attack says:

“Barre Attack is designed to give clients a sexy body con­fi­dence. It helps with posture, flex­i­bil­ity, bal­ance and definitely helps with over­all fit­ness, stay­ing trim and get­ting toned. Best of all though it’s fun!”

What does it look like?

A pic­ture is worth a thou­sand words, so after watching the video above you will to an idea what a class is like. Bet­ter yet, join a class at the Wellness Centre Wollongong and start work­ing on that body confidence!

Renee should know, she’s a for­mer pro­fes­sional bal­le­rina hav­ing danced with the acclaimed Ham­burg Bal­let in Ger­many and is also a mas­ter Pilates instruc­tor who qual­i­fied in New York under Romana Kryzanowska, one of the orig­i­nal dis­ci­ples of Joseph Pilates.

So how does it work?

Classes go for 45 to min­utes.

Music will start and the instruc­tor will lead by exam­ple. Just fol­low and con­cen­trate on your posi­tion and timing. Classes gen­er­ally start with a warm-up to get you in the mood and allow you to loosen up. Relax, the fun is about to start.

The actual struc­ture can vary but you can expect the following:
Barre Sec­tions: Here, you’ll be shown ballet positions like 1st posi­tion, 2nd posi­tion and plié. You’ll gen­er­ally have one hand on the barre and complete exercises that give your legs and butt a seri­ous workout.
Elas­tic Sec­tions: Large elas­tic bands are looped over the Barre, which you use for resis­tance. Fac­ing away from the Barre you might punch out while hold­ing the elas­tic, or hold a lunge while doing an upper body rota­tion. All of this will strengthen your core, arms and legs. Many find it’s a great way to de-stress.
Car­dio Sec­tions: With music flow­ing, dif­fer­ent types of car­dio inter­vals are dis­persed through the class. This will really help with your over­all fit­ness, burn­ing calor­ies and will get the blood flowing.

New Sliding Disc sections: takes your movements to the next level

Early morning Barre classes at 6.15 am or 7.15 am adhere to a 10-hour cancellation policy. Kindly cancel your reservation at least 10 hours before the scheduled start time for these classes. Bookings will not be accommodated after this period.


These original Barre Fitness classes were designed & facilitated by Elizabeth since  Nov. 2014 at the Wellness Centre Wollongong. Elizabeth saw a need  for people wanting to ease into barre classes for various reasons e.g. beginners, reduced fitness, strength, flexibility and those recovering from injury. Attendees being encouraged to take the classes at their own pace. No judgement, no competition.

Firstly around 40 minutes of low impact conditioning to tone your body based on the Barre fitness & pilates program , then approximately 20 minutes of dance based stretching to lengthen the muscles and release built up tension. Classes include Barre exercises & circuit training utilizing resistance bands, Pilates balls & hand weights.  A great complimentary class to strengthen you for all your other activities as well as those just starting out on the Barre.

Our BarreFit classes have been running at least twice a week for many years with great attendance and the members love it! Mondays & Thursdays at 9.30am

What to bring to your workout

Workout clothing, exercise mat, water bottle. Resistance (elastic) Bands, light weights. Bands can be purchases for $14.

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