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 Wollongong  Yoga  Studio for beginners & open classes

wollongong yoga studio classes

 A quiet spacious Studio located in central Wollongong.The Wellness Centre's vision is to bring yoga to the everyday person without elitism. We believe yoga is for everybody and and offer Beginners classes through to stronger classes for the seasoned yogis.

We have dedicated Beginners Vinyasa Yoga Course and Beginners Restorative/Yin Courses so you can experience for yourself the Benefits of Yoga for your Body & Mind. With over 16 yoga classes a week, 2 studios onsite and 5 yoga instructors to choose from.... Vinyasa Flow Yoga ...  Restorative Yoga ...Yin Yoga ... Ashtanga Yoga ... Pre Natal Pregnancy Yoga  .... Mums Yoga .... Private sessions

You can have fun while learning how to bring better health and alignment to your body. "But I'm Just not Flexible!" We will guide you into the most appropriate classes. Our teachers will help you find many ways to open and support your body. So, even the most inflexible can experience a wonderful opening feeling in an easily accessible way. There are hands on adjustments in all classes. Yoga Classes at the Wellness Centre are covered by the majority of Health Funds

Yoga is also not just about the asanas (exercises)

Ultimately Yoga is about integration. It is not about banishing thoughts, repressing the minds memories & fantasies or avoiding feelings & emotions. Yoga is about freeing ourselves from the turmoil & suffering that result from the fluctuations & modifications of the mind. Yoga (and other similar teachings) gradually  train the mind to observe, discern and detach through asana, pranayama, meditation, and other practices.

Best results with yoga are achieved by practicing at least 3 to 5 times a week. The more yoga you do the more benefits you receive. For those new to the Wellness Centre we have some great value Introductory Passes HERE

Wollongong Yoga Barre Pilates Ballet Timetable

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Wellness Centre stocks Yoga props including Yoga mats, bolsters, straps etc including  LovEarth Eco Yoga Mats


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6.30am   Barre  Barre Barre      
8.15am         8.15am BarreFIT  


9.30am BarreFIT  Pilates  



9am Flow Yoga

Restorative Physio Yoga    Restorative Yoga Beginners Yoga   Yoga Flow
10.45am    Yoga Flow


  10.15am Pilates

10.30am Pre Natal BarreFIT

 Barre Beginners Yoga
12.15pm      BarreFIT        
4.45pm Pilates on Ball


4.30pm Barre        
Restorative Yoga
5.45pm  Flow Yoga


Flow Yoga  5.15pm Restorative  Yoga Restorative  Yoga     
Beginners Yoga Course

Pre Natal Yoga

Beginners Yoga Course

5.30pm Pilates Matwork
7.00pm Beginners Barre



 6.30 Beginners Pilates

 Beginners Meditation Flow Yoga
7.30pm       Yoga Flow    

Wollongong Yoga Classes

The Wellness Centre Wollongong incorporates a Mindful Movement approach to all  classes. Mindful movement promotes body awareness through focused and precise exercises. Using  mindful movement your body learns (and re-learns) how to move at its most optimal level.

The Wellness Centre's centrally located studio attracts people from wollongong and surrounds including Fairy Meadow, Corrimal, Woonona, Bulli, Port Kembla, Warrawong and throughout the Illawarra

Yoga classes in Wollongong

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