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Pilates Reformer & Matwork in Wollongong

Beginners Welcome

Small Group classes for personal interaction, feedback & guidance. Learn step by step correct technique & core Pilates principles with dedicated Beginners Classes

Pilates reformer Barre Yoga wollongong Intro introductory offer

New Studio Members Offers 

3 Class Introductory  Pass $30

 ♦ Pilates Reformer ♦ Yoga ♦ Barre Fitness ♦ iRest Meditation

* These Intro passes are not valid for Beginners Courses, Pre & Post Natal classes,  workshops/courses unless specified. Available for Illawarra residents only.

Intro Pass $30

Take advantage of our special no-obligation introductory offer for those new to the Wellness Centre Wollongong Studios.  Join any mix of classes in Yoga, Pilates Reformer, Barre Fitness, iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation over 14 consecutive days to see if the Wellness Centre Wollongong is the place for you. Experience the difference of a truly Integral Wellness Centre & Mindful Movement Studio & Community conveniently located in central Wollongong Australia at 81 Keira Street. (map here)

Pilates Reformer studio Wollongong classes beginnersNew to Reformer Pilates?

Pilates is a body conditioning programme designed to teach efficient movement patterns and provide general wellbeing using controlled exercises and deliberate breathing patterns.

The aim of the Wellness Centre and their instructors is to  help people be more capable of moving freely in their bodies so they can live with improved confidence, flexibility & pain free.

Trends in the Pilates world is that it’s becoming more fitness and cardio based, however that is not what Wellness traditional Pilates is about. Wellness Pilates adheres to the original Joseph Pilates principles in order to guide you towards mastering your own body & mind as originally intended. Because of this focus we tend to attract those not wanting a " go hard or go home approach"  Classes are limited to 7 so there is much personal interaction, feedback & guidance so students can be helped in learning & maintaining the core Pilates principles including correct breathing, technique, mindfulness, centring flow, concentration & precision. These are required to receive the real benefits that Pilates has to offer. Real Pilates is not "monkey see, monkey do" !

Learn to bring your awareness to pilates movements while focusing on the breath and the way our body feels as it moves. The mind's thoughts and chatter will naturally reduce when paying attention to the exercises. 

To optimize the benefits Pilates exercises are best performed 3-5 times per week for toning, sculpting & changing faulty movement patterns. For those that have tried Pilates before and think Pilates Feels Easy think again .... the correct technique and breathing is where the power is!

These classes will challenge and develop your core stability however the focus will be on quality of movement rather than quantity. Pilates Principles teach us how to move and what to focus on.

If you’re not performing the exercises with proper form and control,you will not get the amazing results correctly performed pilates has to offer. Pilates video's etc just don't cut it. An experienced qualified pilates instructor is "worth their weight in gold".

Mums Bubs Post Natal Pilates Classes  HERE

The Wellness Centre studio rooms have polished timber floors,  cosy and comfortable. Studio 2 is now a dedicated Pilates Reformers room with 7 new Align Pilates C8 Pro Reformers. Not too hot, not too cold ... just right. Studio Etiquette details here & Studio Prices Here

Wollongong Yoga Barre Pilates Ballet Timetable

The Wellness Centre Wollongong incorporates a Mindful Movement approach to all  classes. Mindful movement promotes body awareness through focused and precise exercises. Using mindful movement your body learns (and re-learns) how to move at its most optimal level. There maybe  hands-on adjustments in classes.

The focus in these classes will be on understanding and applying Pilates principles not just learning the exercises. read more here Read more on Pilates here

Pilates Reformer

So you are ready to try Reformer Pilates! These low-impact sessions can result in longer, leaner muscles and improved strength, flexibility and endurance. Experience for yourself why Reformer Pilates is so popular with this entry-level class. Learn about Pilates principles & the highly customisable Reformer setup including how to safely use the springs, carriage, foot-bar, straps & jump board while finishing with a workout as well. Plenty of time to ask questions. More information on Reformer Classes HERE

"Mums with Bubs" Post Natal Barre Classes   more information here

Special Post Natal classes for postnatal recovery. Return to pre-pregnant body shape, awareness, tone and control.

Guaranteed to change the way you use your body. more info here

Studio Classes Terms & Conditions

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