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Pregnancy  Pre Natal Yoga, Pilates & BarreFIT

We love providing support to our local mothers-to-be with our Prenatal Yoga/Pilates classes designed to help you feel confident, relaxed & well prepared for the big day.

Dedicated  Prenatal Classes Tuesdays 5.45pm More Info and Booking HERE

Our safe yet challenging Pre-Natal Pilates/Yoga programs  will help prepare and strengthen body & mind for your birth experience and also assist in a quicker recovery. The low impact exercises tone and improve flexibility without stressing the joints in the body.

Numbers are limited to 8 ladies per class.

Registration is a must.  You can register online on our LIVE Timetable HERE, use our convenient free Booking App  or phone 42263777.

Prenatal class bookings are required in advance and class cancellations are required minimum 2hrs before.

  • Strengthen abdominal muscles
  • Helps bladder control
  • Reduce back pain
  • Maintain balance,
  • Feel stronger
  • Recover quicker
  • Recommended by midwives

Your experienced teacher Elizabeth has specialist training and is qualified and certified in both Pre and Post Natal Pilates and Yoga

Other Wellness Centre Classes Suitable for Pregnancy*

*yoga classes are suitable after 1st trimester unless continuing on from a regular yoga practice or prenatal checks have been performed (contact Wellness Centre). Pilates, Stretch and Beginners Barre classes are suitable at any stage of pregnancy unless contraindicated. Always check with your healthcare professional before starting a new exercise program. A brief free phone consultation with Elizabeth is available for all new pregnant students.

Phone us on 42263777 for more information and other upcoming class times.

pre natal pregnancy yoga classes timetable Wollongong

Study shows Swiss Ball exercise reduces back pain in pregnancy

"Just wanted to say that i have been coming to pilates for two terms now and just love everything about it.  Elizabeth is a breath of fresh air and i can't wait to get to class each week.  Whilst we work hard there is always time for a laugh and a chance to meet a great group of woman all experiencing motherhood together.  Only wish i had found out about it when i had my first bub". Tanya C.

"Participation (classes)
Both Pre-natal Pilates & Pre-natal yoga and now Mum’s & Bub’s Post Natal Pilates
What have you achieved from the classes so far?
Strengthening of my core to support my back injury through pregnancy, labour & my son’s first few months. Time out for myself, relaxation & regeneration
What are your goals?
Gain strength & improve muscle tone. Weight loss would be a bonus.
What do you enjoy most about your classes?
Socialising & spending time looking after myself.
How do you feel after a workout?
Refreshed & relaxed "

Tracey T.

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