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iRest® Meditation Wollongong

Free Yoga & Meditation Classes on International Yoga Day 21st June

1 on 1 Private Sessions (Dyads) with Elizabeth, a registerred iRest teacher are available

 iRest Drop-in Classes & 6 week Courses are currently on hold

Wellness Centre Mindfulness Classes & Course information HERE

iRest Meditation Wollongong Illawarra Classes Couses

Simply relax and be comfortable with your mat, bolster, pillow and blanket. While listening to your iRest® teacher, embrace a sense of completeness as you allow yourself to feel restored and rejuvenated in the present moment.

Based on the ancient teachings of meditation, iRest® is an evidence-based transformative practice that leads to psychological, physical, and spiritual healing and well-being. No experience necessary & great for beginners to mindfulness & meditation. 
Its practice is integrative, as it helps in healing of various unresolved issues and traumas that are present in your body and mind. Learn to recognise your innate peace of mind that is always present amidst all changing circumstances of life. 
iRest® provides you with tools to help you relax deeply, release stress, increase resiliency, improve your interpersonal relationships and more. iRest can be practised both in a comfortable sitting or lying (preferred) position.

All levels of experience are welcome.
iRest® nourishes noble qualities such as joy, peacefulness, empathy, forgiveness, patience and loving kindness towards yourself and others. People who practice iRest® report:

  • Reduced mood swings
  • Greater ability to relax and enjoy life
  • Reduced insomnia and levels of apprehension
  • Improved interpersonal relations
  • Reduced chronic and acute pain 
  • Increased inner peace and well-being

iRest Dyad Co-Meditation Private Sessions

During an iRest Dyad (or co-meditation), we are offered an opportunity to get in touch with our most common longing: to feel connected and overcome feelings of separation and aloneness. In these personal one-on-one meditation sessions, students are completely supported by the teacher in delving deeper into self-inquiry.

Starting from the place in ourselves that is already whole and unbroken, this allows for the possibility to discover profound insights and breakthroughs.

With the assistance of the tried and true clear structure of the dyad, your trained facilitator holds an intentional space for you, creating intimacy and trust. This trust helps you open up and express your truth, meeting whatever arises with unconditional acceptance and love.

Sessions can focus on welcoming thoughts, feelings, and sensations that arise in the present moment. Also, there will be an opportunity to work with exploring specific emotions, thoughts, or beliefs.

1hr sessions $130  

iRest® Fundaments Course (currently on hold)

Over the 6 weeks of this Introductory Beginners Course, we will deeply explore the different stages of the iRest® process, in a safe and supportive environment. Each week a different concept will be explained and practised, and you will receive course materials and worksheets to help deepen your connection with iRest®, and with your experiences along this 6 week journey of meditation, relaxation, and self-inquiry. The courses will be facilitated by Elizabeth and Kachina, trained & qualified iRest® Teachers, who are passionate about helping others experience the transformational and healing benefits meditation, mindfulness & more.

Elizabeth & Kachina Wellness Centre Wollongong

Join us for our next course, and experience the transformational benefits of iRest®in your life.

During the course we will cover:

  • An orientation to iRest®
  • How to develop your inner resource of unchanging well-being. This is a state of deep peace that you can access at any time, no matter what circumstances you face
  • Developing your intention and aligning with your heartfelt desire
  • Exploring body sensing and breath sensing
  • Welcoming and observing opposites of feelings and emotions
  • Welcoming thoughts as messengers
  • Welcoming and experiencing joy
  • Experiencing pure awareness
  • Integrating iRest® into your daily life
  • Includes a iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation Workbook
  • Access to online iRest® Meditations
Date Time Investment
TBA 6.30 pm - 8.00 pm  

 or phone 02 42263777

Wellness Centre Wollongong Studio1, 81 Keira Street (Map) 

iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation Drop-in Classes

Currently on hold

Each class is around 60 minutes made up of a brief mindfulness movement gentle, slow stretching session or breathwork then 35-40 minutes of guided practice including some time for settling in and coming out of the practice session. Make your self comfortable on the yoga mat, bolster, blanket & pillow provided then enjoy. Loose comfortable clothing is recommended. Class begins promptly at so please arrive by 8.50am to allow time for parking. (MAP herePreregistration is required for this class.

3 Class Intro Pass $30 or

an single Intro iRest Pass $10 (new attendees) 

for new Studio Members who are Illawarra residents 

iRest drop-in classes are covered by all regular & concession class passes & memberships

Wellness Centre Wollongong Studio1, 81 Keira Street (Map) 

Other Upcoming Mindfulness Meditation related courses and events

iRest® is an eviwollongong meditation irest yoga nidradence based, mind-body approach that is the result of thirty years of observation, research and hands-on development. A simple form of meditation designed for modern day living. (Examples of current research including trauma and PTSD on iRest HERE)
iRest® meditation helps you restore balance. No matter what life throws your way.

IRest® Yoga Nidra is taught by Elizabeth, Kachina trained iRest® Teachers.

“Students and clients have told me that iRest has taken them deeper than other practices, that iRest has changed their lives, even that iRest has saved their lives.” — Harry C. Dudley, PsyD

iRest Trauma-Aware Introductory Yoga Nidra courses, drop-in classes,private sessions & corporate options are available. No prior meditation experience or knowledge is necessary.

Concession rates are available for FULL-TIME students (i.e. High School, University ( at least 3 subjects per semester) A student ID & proof of full-time classes must be shown at time of purchase.) and Pensioners: Pensioner/Disability ID required (Blue Card) Concession passes need to be booked in person or via phone.

To register your interest or if you have any questions regarding drop-in classes, Courses or Dyads  please Contact Us below or phone 02 42263777