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Wollongong Illawarra Pelvic Floor Workshop

The next Pelvic Floor 3hr Workshop will be held Saturday 17th Aug. 2019 1pm- 4pm. . . Enquiries 42263777  MORE INFORMATION HERE

A common sign that can indicate a pelvic floor problem is accidentally leaking urine when you exercise, laugh, cough or sneeze.

Pelvic Floor (PF) exercises are essential for all woman whether you are an avid exerciser or just someone who loves a walk. The Pelvic Floor muscles are so important in maintaining good health for years to come. When preformed safely, PF exercises increases your control over your bladder and supports your vagina, uterus and bowel. It is just so important for all women of all ages.

So how to get started? Maybe you just need to see that you are on the right track, or maybe you have underlying issues that need to be monitored in a controlled environment. This is a PF physiotherapist led program designed to get you started safely and effectively, so you can Keep-on-with-Keeping-on comfortably and supported. It is designed for women with or without previous PF issues, as well as the prevention of further problems.

The PF course is a very practical, exercise-based course. Every week you will be guided through a specific exercise program. There is a theory component to learn about different aspects of the PF, the core and its influence on the body. It is a holistic approach about creating strength, flexibility and balance in the whole body through developing awareness of the core and PF muscles so that you can continue with your daily activities stronger, healthier and symptom-free.

Mandy H says "Becoming incontinent has a dreadful effect on self esteem.  As a post hysterectomy and twice bladder repair patient, the anxiety of losing control of bowel and bladder (B&B) again caused me constant anxiety.  The focal point of each day became where the next toilet was located and of course, using it.  As a result my B&B shrunk and needed to be constantly emptied.

Seventeen years on, I enrolled in Jane’s pelvic floor course.  At aged 70, I gave myself little chance of improvement and after ten years of Pilates classes I thought my pelvic floor was fit.  How wrong I was. 

Jane lifts the taboo on this subject.  She is informs you about the many physical and psychological problems that need to be addressed.  Her excellent visualisation techniques allowed me to locate and begin to exercise deep pelvic floor muscles I didn’t know I had.  The tools she offers to retrain the mind and body to increase the control and capacity of B&B are revealing to say the least.   As I moved through the six-week course I became aware that my pelvic floor was strengthening.

Four weeks after the course, at the expense of ten minutes daily exercise, my bladder capacity has increased from forty-five minutes to two to three hours and continues to improve.  Bowel capacity has improved to twice a day - target is once a day and I'm optimistic.

This is a most effective short course given by a personable professional with years of experience.  I strongly recommend it to anyone of any age and physical condition."  Mandy H

The Classes:

The workshops are structured with  information, theory followed by  a specific exercise programs. It is a personalised approach with emphasis placed on the PF muscles, core-stability, flexibility and strength for the specific needs for the women in the class. You will get a practical understanding of the PF muscles to help yourself train better and efficiently.

Content includes:

  • The Pelvic Floor and its function and dysfunction. Who is a risk and how to start your PF program.
  • PF safe exercises, the core and the influence of correct breathing techniques.
  • Working your PF with various positions and exercises. Safe cardio and strengthening exercises. What to avoid and then build-up to.
  • Back Care, Dos and Don’ts. Balance with your exercises and daily life.
  • Progression with the PF program and how to self-monitor and progress.
  • Our full program involving warm-up, positions and exercises with the PF and Core, breathing techniques and relaxation, leaving you  equipped and confident to continue.

Contact: The Wellness Centre on 02 4226 3777

Where: The Wellness Centre, 81 Keira Street, Wollongong.

The next Pelvic Floor 3hr Workshop will be held Saturday 17th Aug. 2019 1pm- 4pm. . . Enquiries 42263777 

Price: $95  Health Fund rebates apply. Phone 42263777 for more info or registration.


Medicare/Health Fund Insurance Rebates apply. Weekly payment plan available (call 02 42263777)

Jane Pelvic Floor Classes Wollongong PhysiotherapistAbout the Teacher:

Jane Cerneaz is a trained physiotherapist with more than 20 years’ experience in treatment and exercise-prescription training. She is a trained yoga teacher and Women’s Health advocate. Exercise is medicine when given correctly and effectively. The program is a combination of physiotherapy knowledge and in-depth understanding of Women’s Health.