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Wollongong Psychologists Bulk Billing*


Wellness Centre Psychologists offers bulk billing (ID required) for those with

  • financial hardship
  • full time students over 18 years of age
  • a valid Health Care Card
  • a valid blue pension card.

All bulk billed appointments are available in office hours (Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm). All you need is a current mental health plan from a GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician and a medicare card.

Wellness Centre Wollongong Psychologists are Providers of services under Mental Health Referrals AND GP Management Plans for Individual Counselling Sessions as well as the Mindfulness for Anxiety & Depression Groups

Medicare Easyclaim System

Your Medicare card is swiped through the terminal. After your claim details are verified your session will be [processed. You will need  your Medicare card with you to use this system.


You don't need a referral from your GP to make an appointment. You do however need a referral note and a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP or Psychiatrist in order to visit under the Medicare Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative to have your visit Bulk Billed*

NOTE: You can visit our Psychologists using a referral originally written for another psychologist should you wish for whatever reason.

Group sessions can also be authorised as part of a Mental Health Care Plan.  Your medical Practitioner needs to specify group sessions on the plan.  Up to 10 group therapy services can also be used per calendar year (in addition to individual sessions).