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Yoga Nidra Wollongong Wellness Centre

Yoga Nidra  (or yogic sleep) is a method that cultivates very deep relaxation while remaining awake.  The instructor guides you into the relaxation while you are lying on the floor (or seated) with bolsters behind your knees for comfort and blankets in Winter.  It is very simple and effective and can be done by anyone of any age.
Everyone can benefit from Yoga Nidra.

Neuro-psychologist, H Benson’s research showed that we can’t relax by will alone. “.... without a method, we don’t actually reach a deep state of relaxation or meditation.”

The purpose of the Yoga Nidra method is to relax and calm the body, the nervous system and the mind.  It is often done at the end of a yoga class and as a preparation for meditation.  It is also taught as a practice in itself. 

Because Yoga Nidra has such a profound effect on the nervous system it can help with many stress related issues like high blood pressure, asthma, psoriasis, IBS, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus etc. 

It has other wonderful effects too.  The calming of the nervous system aids the body to rebalance hormones assisting the efficacy of the organs and systems of the body and boosting the immune system.   As the physical body drops into a deep relaxed state and the mind starts to settle it lets go of habitual and repetitive thoughts and patterns that spin through the mind causing anxiety and stress.  In this way we can begin the process of reprogramming the thought patterns from negative angst to calm positivity.  
Recently Yoga Nidra has been widely researched and recognised as having transformational effects with trauma and anxiety.  It is even used by the US Army to help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

It sounds amazing right?! That’s because it is.

So if you want to relieve the stress and strain of a busy life, reprogram your nervous system into a relaxed state and begin to take control of your mind and moods then these classes are for you.

And it's so simple.  All you have to do is show up ...lie down…..relax..

We teach a 30 minute guided Yoga Nidra as part of our meditation classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7pm.Also  we have a dedicated 45min. Yoga Nidra class Saturday mornings 9am.

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