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Integral Health ... being integrally informed in Wollongong

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The term integral means "essential or necessary for completeness". Integral approaches bring together multiple perspectives to address all aspects of human experience including both the inner subjective world and outer objective views.
Integral health therefore includes physical, mental & emotional health, healthy relationship & society. Other terms might include integrative or holistic. This “whole person” approaches to health and healing moves beyond  the disease-focused system associated with many areas of conventional medicine.

The evolution of medicine  has been from  conventional (allopathic), to alternative and complementary, to integrative and now to integral. Conventional medicine being the traditional approach of medical science. Complementary and Alternative approaches & methods being outside of the mainstream of western medical science.
Integrative medicine is the  merging of conventional, alternative and complementary therapies under one roof so to speak.
All of these approaches as commonly practised in the west, focus mostly on the  physical/biochemical aspects of health & healing. 

Many believe that conventional  medicine is limited and is most effective with acute “crisis” medicine whilst not the best option for chronic disease. Many realise it's time to move on from  conventional medicine is based on the "disease" model. A new model must include a wellness model – the Integral Health Model seeming to be the most inclusive model to date.

Beneath both conventional and wellness models of health are differing fundamental world views (assumptions). Integral Health is open to examining these assumptions and exploring the  “meaning of medicine.”

The Wellness Centre Wollongong is embracing this Integrally Informed meta-paradigm as the basis of the centres philosophy and approach to its services including therapies, pilates/yoga/meditation and educational/experiencial workshops. We believe an expanding of consciousness & awareness (waking up) to be key ingredient of an integral health approach. Becoming aware and seeing the bigger picture, moving beyond our limiting self centred beliefs is our challenge. You are welcome to join us.

What is  the Integral Movement? Click here now to watch a short video showing a brief overview of a new cultural, artistic, and philosophical movement that is currently taking shape all across the planet. Featuring dozens of breathtaking images from the Integral Life Art Gallery this video explores a single, simple, undeniable observation: something amazing is happening right now

An Integral Health Model (PDF) article

Integral Life articles, audio & video

The Wellness Centre Wollongong is forming a regular meeting time for those interested in hearing, setting up, formulating, sharing, presenting their views & information in the area of integral meta-theory and the Integral movement. It will suit  those wishing to take part in this new wave of individual and collective change and integration of all aspects of our culture. Phone the Wellness Centre on 02 42263777 for more information and to register your interest.

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