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Restorative Yoga Testimonials

"A sincere thankyou to everyone at the Wellness Centre : It's almost three months since I walked in the door to the Centre with my initial enquiry.
I was new to Wollongong, had some residual health worries after recent heart surgery to insert two stents.
A week after my 70th birthday, I was being treated for a possible failure of one of my double knee replacements. I'd had several falls and my balance was questionable.
I knew I needed to find an activity to replace a lifelong gym habit that no longer seemed appropriate due to my aging body.
What a blessing that day turned out to be!!!
The Wellness Centre staff welcomed me and listened. They encouraged me to have try for minimal cost with a trial month.
It was very scary, but rewarding, as I was soon able to achieve small goals.  Elizabeth, Cynthia and Jane are highly experienced and reassuring to everyone in the Yoga classes. All the teachers make themselves aware of any issues anyone in the class has.
Wow, I fitted in as I gradually became aware of several other people who are overcoming  serious personal and or health issues.  It's lovely when a Teacher discreetly moves a block or bolster under a part of my body that can't seem to manouvre into a particular pose so that the modification allows me to get that little bit better next time.
My balance has improved dramatically and I'm so much stronger.  I'm doing multiple Yoga classes now.
The wonderful breathing techniques and exercises have resulted in a loss of 6cms off my waist measurement without any dietary changes.
I'm sure the positive affirmations we make in the class,  combined with Elizabeth's  mantra "listen to your body .....its your personal journey " has allowed me to begin a lifestyle transformation.

I used to be a pretty sad person who was upset to have health problems.  Now It looks like I will no longer need revision knee surgery.  I am strong, positive and happy with my current situation and look forward to the future ........ with the Wellness Centre and all the lovely staff and management part of it.
Thanks so much to everyone there!!!"


Daisy S. (Oct 2018)