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iRest Dyad Co-Meditation Private Sessions

During an iRest dyad (or co-meditation), we are offered an opportunity to get in touch with our most common longing: to feel connected and overcome feelings of separation and aloneness. In these personal one-on-one meditation sessions, students are completely supported by the teacher in delving deeper into self-inquiry.

Starting from the place in ourselves that is already whole and unbroken, this allows for the possibility to discover profound insights and breakthroughs.

With the assistance of the tried and true clear structure of the dyad, your trained facilitator holds an intentional space for you, creating intimacy and trust. This trust helps you open up and express your truth, meeting whatever arises with unconditional acceptance and love.

Sessions can focus on welcoming thoughts, feelings, and sensations that arise in the present moment. Also, there will be an opportunity to work with exploring specific emotions, thoughts, or beliefs.

1hr sessions $110