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Why Pilates … Why Now?

Imagine an exercise program that you really look forward to, engages you and leaves you refreshed & alert with a feeling of physical and mental well-being.

This is not just exercise. Pilates is a series of controlled movements engaging your body & mind, performed on a mat or specifically designed exercise apparatus and supervised by extensively trained teachers.

In today’s modern lifestyle we have developed poor posture and dietary habits which have crept upon us and are creating imbalances. Muscles that are imbalanced will generate pain and have their origins in poor posture, poor health, injuries and repetitive strain on structures about the shoulder girdle and lower back. All joints in the body should be held in their optimum neutral position in mid range when muscles of both stabilising and mobilising types work together.

Pilates works by re-balancing the body, altering the way in which you recruit muscles to produce movements. It not only helps restore natural movement but also sculpt and tone the body at the same time. The Movement patterns need to be repeated thousands of times the correct way in order to fully break these old unconscious habits. The exercises are gentle, progressive and performed slowly whilst maintaining good postural alignment.

It is a common mistake of many training programmes concentrate on mobilising muscles rather than activating the stabilising ones. Muscles are then programmed to repeat the movement mistakes leading to habits which reinforce pain. Short tight muscles remain, so do long weak muscles, unless specific retraining of the weaker muscle group is undertaken .

The latest research shows the recognition of the importance of self-management. Regular Pilates has found to be successful in preventing recurrent back episodes. Research from QLD uni by Richardson and Jull, has demonstrated that by increasing the co-ordination and strength in the deep abdominal muscles that the lumbar spine is stabilised and protected. This is the same conclusion that of Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s.

Problems begin when muscle comes under stress. The injured muscle either lengthens and weakens or becomes short and tight. The movement still takes place but we adopt a different combination of muscles to achieve the movement. This is far less effective and a faulty movement pattern, called CHEATING mechanisms takes the place of proper natural movement. Certain muscles become over used and over-recruited. This is when pain sets in and bad postural habits feel quite normal until headaches neck pain shoulder pain or a lower back problem begin which you can no longer ignore. This is where Pilates steps in. With expert knowledge, techniques and a superior level of class and individual correction, Elizabeth will help you learn about and understand your own body.

Pilates is one of the safest workouts you can use. No other exercise system is so gentle on your body while giving it a challenging workout. Many of the exercises are performed in a reclining or sitting position. Most are low impact and partially weight bearing. Pilates is so safe, it is used in physical therapy facilities to rehabilitate injuries.

Both Reformer & Matwork Pilates is a great way to begin these correctional exercises.

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Never done Pilates before? Ever thought of starting Pilates? Well then now is the perfect time!

A safe, step-by-step Pilates 6 week Course where young and old can discover the long lasting benefits of Pilates. Fantastic for people who are completely new to Pilates, More details here