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Post Natal Mums & Bubs Pilates/Yoga  Workshop

in Wollongong

Thursday 19th August 2015 11am - 1pm  $55

No childcare necessary – just bring your baby along!

Give us a call! 42263777 or register online

Mums & Bubs Workshops are also currently scheduled for Wednesday 18th Nov. 2015

Phone Elizabeth on 42263777 for more details, to register your interest or use our Contact Us Page here otherwise you can book your place securely ONLINE HERE

Physical changes from the birthing process along with the other changes from pregnancy leave many post natal mums feeling flabby and deflated, often physically, mentally & emotionally. You are not alone –  many mums go through the same experience. Getting back to your pre-pregnancy posture, shape, tone can seem a daunting task.

The Wellness Centre Wollongong's  Post Natal Pilates/Yoga Workshop have been designed to commence from approx. 6 weeks after the birth of your baby. The workshop consist of appropriate Pilates & Yoga exercises staged & progressed for the post natal mum with exercises you can continue to practice at home.  You will learn how to re commence exercise safely to improve core stability and postural control. This is very important for the new mum – to regain strength for lifting the baby e.g. out of the cot, in and out of the car and performing basic activities of daily living.

This workshop is designed with a focus on safety and to optimize post natal recovery. Get back where you want to be, ready to face the joys & challenges of motherhood. Aimed as transitory session, clients should feel comfortable to attend Intermediate Mat classes later. Small group class formats give you a chance to spend some quality time with your baby in the company of other  mothers! You can exercise at your own fitness level in a non-threatening and supportive environment. These workouts whilst challenging and innovative also result in improved self-confidence.

Early motherhood is a very demanding time. Finding the time to exercise can be just as challenging. Making time for exercise however is of vital importance. Research shows that exercise to assists with weight loss, decreased symptoms of depression, decreased pain and increased energy and an improved sense of wellbeing. When training in group Pilates classes, motivation levels stay strong and strong & healthy bonds are formed. You will  achieve your desired goals much faster whilst emotionally feeling support and friendship. These sessions have the great social benefit of being with other mums, new and experienced.

wollongong pilates mums babies post natal classesMothers starting Pilates & Yoga after the birth learn good exercise technique before moving on to more challenging classes. Avoid classic exercise mistakes that many make, going too hard too quickly rushing to get into that special dress. You can be actually become fitter than you were before you became pregnant!

Babies  are very welcome to come with mum. The Wellness Centre studio is carpeted, warm, cosy and comfortable. Not too hot, not too cold ... just right  Feeding Baby prior to class and bringing a selection of toys can help. Mums & Bubs photos here.

Elizabeth is a highly qualified and experienced Pilates Practitioner (Cert. IV). In regards to specialist training Elizabeth is also certified in Pregnancy & Remedial Pilates. Also Elizabeth is Level 3 certified YogaFit trained also  Pre & post natal yoga  certified. She is a mother of 2 beautiful boys.

If you have any other questions about Pilates when you’ve had a baby please contact us at the Wellness Centre on 42263777.

You must be at least 6 weeks post-natal and have seen your doctor or obstetrician for your check-up before starting this exercise program.

"Just wanted to say that i have been coming to pilates for two terms now and just love everything about it.  Elizabeth is a breath of fresh air and i can't wait to get to class each week.  Whilst we work hard there is always time for a laugh and a chance to meet a great group of woman all experiencing motherhood together.  Only wish i had found out about it when i had my first bub". Tanya C.

" Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy coming to the Mum's and Bubs Pilates - not that my baby comes anymore!!! I really look forward to it, the mum's are lovely, Elizabeth is a very experienced and fun teacher, oh, and the stretches are great. I look forward to returning next term." Anne-Margaret

Book your place for this Mums & Bubs Pilates Workshop securely ONLINE HERE

Phone Elizabeth  on 42263777  for more details

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