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Beginners Yoga COURSES in Wollongong

Two types of  Beginners Yoga Courses to choose from ....

Yoga Beginners course class Wollongong Flow Hatha Yin RestorativeOur dedicated yoga teachers have many years of experience guiding beginners into a successful yoga practiced. Recently we have devised a have a two branch entry into yoga.

1. Beginners Rest and Restore

2. Beginners Flow Yoga

Do you want to relax & stretch?  Are you recovering from illness or surgery?  Are you busy enough and just need to slow down and let your body-mind be still and quiet.  Then you need our Restorative Yin beginners course.

Would you rather build strength and stamina?  Work on balancing and flowing through a dynamic yoga sequence? Are you fit and want to add yoga to your fitness plan?  Then our 6 week Hatha Flow course is for you.  This course teaches you the Sun Salutation and fundamental yoga postures to get you ready for our Yoga Flow drop-in classes.

4 Week Beginners Restorative Yin Yoga Course

These classes use special yogic props to make the yoga poses relaxing and passive, enabling you to stay in the pose for up to 5 minutes.  It sounds like a lot but holding the poses passively, for a longer period of time allows for a deeper stretch and a very calm bodymind. In this course you are introduced to and experience both Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga.

yin restorative beginners yoga wollongongClasses work particularly with the ligaments, bones and joints of the body  -  with an emphasis on hips, hamstrings, shoulders and spine.

No downward dogs, demanding or difficult postures in these sessions. In yin poses, students are encouraged to find for a mild, safe & deep stretch. This is sometimes referred to as "Goldilocks yoga" i.e. not too much, not too little, just right.
Read more on Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga
Course Fees: $90  Concession $75      ... Please bring a towel with you to class       

6 Week Beginners Flow Yoga Course

In this Beginners Course, you will learn the fundamentals of  Yoga including the dynamic "Sun Salute" sequence which links yoga postures and conscious breathing. Classes are structured to lead newcomers into the world of yoga. Postures are modified if necessary according to each participant. Some exercises may be given to practice at home between the course days. Gradually you will notice improvements in strength, flexibility and balance. Course notes supplied.

These classes explain and teach the basics of yoga to you, in a systematic way. This will help enable you to progress in your yoga practice so to move from beginners and into general yoga classes. We teach letting go of competition, letting go of judgement .... just come as you are.

Course Fees: $140 Concession $110    Course dates below

"I recently started the Yoga for Beginners class and found the experience to be very relaxing and comfortable. Our Yoga instructor was amazing, and I like the subtle adjustments. It gave me assurance knowing that I was learning the technique correctly. ‘... Julie

Why come to us?

  • Dedicated beginners classes
  • Small classes with personal attention
  • Same group throughout
  • Caring, experienced dedicated yoga teachers
  • Comfortable studios convenient location
  • Great value pricing
Next 2020 Beginners Yoga Courses
Time Day type Starts Register
9.30am Weds Beginners Restorative 11th Nov. Beginners Yoga Classes Wollongong
9.30am Tues. Beginners Flow 17th Nov. Beginners Yoga Classes Wollongong
5.45pm Mon Beginners Flow 2nd Nov Beginners Yoga Classes Wollongong

Bookings are essential. Date forward registration or beginners class casual visits may be possible depending on availability. Please phone the Wellness Centre on 4226377


Flexibility Not Needed ... Just come as you are.

We love beginners at the Wellness Centre Wollongong Studio. We bring you dedicated, experienced yoga instructors in the perfect friendly atmosphere to begin your yoga journey. We offer a variety of styles of yoga, all in a comfortable, safe and supportive space in which to explore the benefits of this ancient practice.

Using traditional yoga teaching and equipment our teachers will get you on the right track no matter whether you are young or not so young, male or female, big or small, fit or unfit, stiff or flexible. We believe yoga is for everyone. There are no prerequisites for practising yoga at the Wellness Centre.

The small classes were great as I found it less intimidating to try out a new activity on my own. I feel that I benefited more from a smaller group as opposed to larger groups I have since recommended the Wellness Centre to friends, family and work colleagues. Thank you" ... Sarah


Always wanted to try yoga but not sure where to start?

Yoga can easily be incorporated into your weekly routine without having to change your whole life. You don't have to become a vegetarian, learn another language or change your philosophical or religious beliefs at the Wellness Centre. Yoga can enrich your life in beneficial ways whether you want to balance your existing fitness or athletic training or you are just starting out on a new exercise & lifestyle routine. Many use yoga to improve their mind-body connection thereby helping reduce their risk of injury, improve breathing patterns and balancing their body from the unevenness of other exercise programs.

Benefits of Yoga Courses

Learn foundation poses, simple breathing patterns and how to deeply relax in a dedicated beginners group. Classes are safe, gentle, noncompetitive and step-by-step with lots of encouragement and support. Enjoy life more with yoga and discover how it can help you feel inspired to make other healthy lifestyle choices.

Other benefits

What makes yoga different from other exercise programs is that it has been proven to develop a strong connection between the body, breath and mind. This is particularly helpful for the following people:

  • Those experiencing stress or anxiety benefit from practicing long and smooth yoga breathing, which has been shown to normalise the nervous system.
  • Chronic disease sufferers, such as those with cancer benefit from significantly lower levels of pain, improved levels of relaxation and increased energy.
  • Those with joint conditions such as arthritis can benefit from lower pain levels and improved joint movement.
  • School & uni students can benefit from improvements in mental ability and longer attention spans.
  • Older people benefit from the increase in strength and balance, lower levels of depression and improved daytime functioning, improved mental & emotional states and better quality sleep.

Yoga is an ancient science that has now been validated by evidence-based research and controlled scientific studies.

Feedback from our students is that they leave class deeply relaxed and "feel amazing".

Yoga has changed the lives of millions of people for the better, why not find out how you can be one of them?

How do I start?

Choose your pathway in. Enrol in either a 6 week Hatha Flow Yoga Beginners Course or a 4 week Beginners Yin Restorative course.  Select from the dates below and register online.

If you are not sure please drop by the Wellness Centre for a cup of herbal tea and a chat to see which classes are best suited to your needs.

Places are limited so book early to ensure your place and avoid disappointment.

Full payment is required for online bookings to confirm your place. There is a Student/Pensioner rate available. Online registration without payment is possible however your place is not confirmed until payment is received.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your first class.

2020 Beginners  Yoga  Courses

Next 2020 Beginners Yoga Courses
Time Day type Starts Register
9.30am Weds Beginners Restorative 11th Nov. Beginners Yoga Classes Wollongong
9.30am Tues. Beginners Flow 17th Nov. Beginners Yoga Classes Wollongong
5.45pm Mon Beginners Flow 2nd Nov. Beginners Yoga Classes Wollongong

Private Sessions for Yoga are available. More information HERE otherwise all the Wellness Centre for details 42263777

Beginners Yoga Course as a GIFT VOUCHER?

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